Top 5 Myths About Plastic Surgery

By on August 26, 2016
Top 5 myths about plastic surgery

Many people have at least one thing about their physical appearance they would like to change but haven’t considered plastic surgery because of many myths that continue to surround the industry. Many of the conceptions about plastic surgery are no longer valid or were never true in the first place. 

It’s Not Affordable

Most people assume that plastic surgery is only for the rich and famous. Plastic surgery is more attainable than ever with competitive prices and financing options. New technology in some cases is making the pricing more affordable as well. Before assuming you can’t afford plastic surgery, get pricing from your local surgeon, and find out if they offer financing options. Sometimes during a consultation, your doctor can give other treatment options that are more affordable and offer similar results. 

It Looks Unnatural

Chances are you’ve seen someone who had one too many procedures or a botched nose job. Don’t let someone else’s bad doctor or surgery obsession persuade you against considering getting work done yourself. The reason it seems like there is more bad plastic surgery than good is good plastic surgery goes unnoticed. Unless you knew the person before, you would never know they had rhinoplasty or had a facelift. Do your research and find the right doctor and it won’t look unnatural. 

It’s Unsafe

All surgery comes with risks, but the field has advanced so far that these risks are minimal. Assuming you go to a board certified doctor, which you can look up the credentials online, plastic surgery comes with minimal risks. Since plastic surgeries are done under general anesthesia, there are some small risks; however, those risks are heightened when a patient is elderly or sick. If you are healthy, then the risks drop dramatically. 

It’s Only for Women

When people think of plastic surgery, then typically think of women, but plastic surgery is certainly not gender specific. In fact, the amount of men getting cosmetic surgery has risen dramatically in the past few years. Plastic surgery is not gender specific, and both men and women should feel confident about their decision to pursue cosmetic surgery if they feel it will improve their self-esteem or appearance. 

All Plastic Surgery Needs Touch Ups

It’s true that some plastic surgeries, such as breast implants, don’t last forever. Although breast implants need to be replaced, not all plastic surgery falls into that category. For example, if you get a rhinoplasty done by an experienced surgeon like Dr. Honrado, you shouldn’t have to have a touch up or a follow-up surgery again. Depending on the operation, you only have to pay the one-time cost, and won’t have any more surgeries after that. 

If you’re considering plastic surgery, you’re not alone. It’s a popular choice for people of both genders and in all income brackets. Don’t believe everything you hear and read. Head straight to the source and schedule a consultation to learn the truth about plastic surgery if it’s something you think would benefit you. 

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Top 5 Myths About Plastic Surgery