Tips to Get Fit and Fashionable!

By on August 1, 2014

By Peter Greene–

It’s always more fun to try new fashion ideas when you’re feeling good about yourself, we’ve all have gone shopping when we’re not feeling our best only to find ourselves discouraged and not buying anything. So we thought we would provide tips to get fit and seasonal fashion tips too!

Let’s go beyond flipping fashion magazines and find something we can actually wear to our daily commitments. We are bringing to you three versatile yet timeless looks to embrace this summer. You are only limited by the extent to which you are willing to experiment. If you approach the following with an open mind you may be able to come up with at least a couple of outfits to have fun with as the mercury stays high.

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But first, get fit.

By fit I don’t mean skinny, or even lean. What I do mean is having good levels of strength and stamina, and being light on your feet. A great posture would be awesome too!

All of this tremendously impacts our style and body language, an integral and important part of fashion. Since we don’t really have a lot of clothing to hide behind in summers, it’s a good idea to own that body you have and infuse some agility, flexibility, and strength into it for best results.

Go for long walks in the morning, skip rope, do yoga, or turn to swimming. Your options are plenty. Take up any activity that you like and which will also improve your fitness levels.

1. Dazzle in an Orange Dress

orange dress

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According to, “orange is the new black.”

Orange is a wonderfully refreshing summery color that goes with all skin types, complexions, and hair colors. Choose a dress best suited to your shape and leave your hair open (if it’s not too hot and sticky around where you live). You can also tie up your hair in a loose ponytail or a bun for a casual sexy look perfect for the day.

The shoes you choose would depend on the length of the dress as well as on your height. If you are tall and the dress touches your knees, you can get away with flats and low-heeled wedges.

For shorter women we recommend medium- to high-heeled sandals. Though you can equally choose flats if you are able to carry them off.

If you don’t want to expose your arms too much or are conscious of your not-so-flat midriff, choose a fitted blazer to accompany your dress.

2. Give Maxi Skirts a Try

lady in maxi skirt

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Flowing maxi skirts are not just very comfortable in summers but also lend a romantic charm to an outfit. They are also rather ageless.

Since skirts usually do find a place in summer wardrobes, experiment with a long one this time around. You will be surprised at how feminine and stylish it looks. Team with a fitted top, preferably sleeveless, and a waistcoat to make for a timeless picture.

3.    Customize Your T-shirts & Pair with Denim

brown shirt

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T-shirts and shorts are perennial summer favorites. But this time around you can give this combo a personal twist. You’ve worn tees all your life; now give the humble shirt a quirky makeover.

Print a selfie of you and your dog on your t-shirt; there are websites that allow you to do so. If that does not appeal to you, convert a plain old tee into something interesting with a ton of DIY techniques available on the Web.

There are many ways you can play around with old t-shirts and make them lovely to wear and look at again. This will make for an extremely funky and stylish way to dress up in summers. Let your imagination flow and come up with a top that is uniquely yours!

Doesn’t matter the color of the t-shirt, everything goes swimmingly well with denim shorts. Slip your feet into a pair of gladiators or wedges – a nice blend of comfort and style. Since denim is trending too, you are bound to hit all the right notes with this look.

If denim shorts aren’t your thing, go for capris. You can equally fold your boyfriend jeans up for a laidback yet stylish look.


Summer fashion is all about simplicity, comfort, and effortless style. From skirts to dresses to shorts, you have many options to work with. If you tend to be on the conservative side, dresses and skirts should suit your taste. For those of you open to experimentation, try out our customized t-shirt and shorts idea. Then there are jeans which are evergreen, though a tad hot for me in the summers. Whatever you choose, remember to feel comfortable in it!


Peter Greene is the community manager at Personalized Tee-shirts, a business that specializes in making customized clothing. When he is not working, he enjoys reading, skiing, and hiking with his dog.

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Tips to Get Fit and Fashionable!