Tips on How to Find Work Later In Life

By on June 20, 2017
Tips on How to Find Work Later In Life

Looking for a job is never an easy task, and with the amount of jobs plummeting, it can seem like an impossible task. This situation can be made harder as you get older. Although most employers are not worried about a person’s age, there is some discrimination against a minority of them.

How can you deal with discrimination and get the job you want? Here are some tips on avoiding discrimination in the workplace.

Writing a CV

The first thing you need to consider is your resume; it is the first thing employers will look at when considering you for a job, so you have to make it interesting without overstuffing it. There are ways, however, that you can write your CV with just the necessary details.

Do not be tempted to put your date of birth on your CV. Although some people do, avoiding your age can make your selection less biased. The same goes for your education and experience. You have to mention your work history and experience, but you do not have to provide dates to when or how long you worked for them.

Looking for work

Once your CV is ready, you can start to look around for suitable work. You do not have to choose lower paid employment, just because you think that is all you will get. Go for jobs that interest you and match your experience.

Many people will apply and be rejected for many jobs while they are looking, so avoid taking it personally. If you are rejected, ask for feedback.  

You can find many places that companies will advertise work, but there are also a few that you might not know existed. If you have a LinkedIn profile, remember to keep it up to date and add any relevant information.

Work for yourself

If you cannot find any job that suits you, then you can always work for yourself and undertake some freelance work. Many companies employ freelance workers and age is not a consideration.

You can work from home, or you can invest in a coworking franchise that allows you to get office space and share it with others. This can give you the freedom to work and separate home life from business.


When you go to your interview, they might ask you questions about your work history. Obviously, you have to answer honestly, but it should not influence their decision. They cannot ask your age, but they can ask to see your passport.

A good employer will not take your age into consideration, so there is no need to worry about being judged or deemed too old or too young. However, it is best not to disclose your date of birth just in case.

Age should not be a consideration when it comes to finding a job, and there are many ways you can prove yourself without being discriminated. Remember, employers are not allowed to ask how old you are, amongst other things.

If you are unsuccessful, don’t assume it is because of age; there may be other factors involved. However, it is a good idea to ask for some feedback on the interview so you can learn from any mistakes for your next interview.


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Tips on How to Find Work Later In Life