Tips For How To Shop Sales

By on August 1, 2013

By Scarlett De Bease –

Tips For How To Shop Sales

As much as I love taking advantage of ALL the sales, it can be a very expensive way to save money if one doesn’t buy the right things. A bargain purchase is only a bargain when you actually need and can use the item. It helps to know how to shop sales and what you should not buy no matter its cost.

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That $100 top for only $40 plus an extra 20% is so enticing, but if it is in the wrong color, size and/or style, it will sit in your closet unworn and worst of all, unloved. Don’t let this tragedy happen to your purchases.

I have gotten some incredibles deals this month and will keep taking advantage of the sales, for myself and my clients because that is one of my favorite ways of building a wardrobe without spending a fortune. After all, the first word I taught my daughter to read was SALE!

Here are 4 of my many ways to know how to shop sales:

1.  When you see that a store you like is starting a sale, go to their website where you will have a bigger selection that what one individual store has in their inventory. This is especially helpful for smaller stores like J.McLauughlin, The Gap, etc.

2.  Shop thru Ebates, where not only will you get to shop online but will also receive cash back for your purchases, in the form of a check every 3 months. I have gotten back over $430 since I joined Ebates, which naturally I spent on sales.

3.  Don’t avoid higher end stores like Neiman Marcus. For about the same cost, you can get higher quality merchandise during their sales, than the lower quality you might be buying at regular prices.

4. Last, but not least, only buy the clothes and accessories that look good on you. Not what is in style, a great deal, or the salesperson tells you looks marvelous on you and is their best seller.

If you want to know what to buy and wear and stop wasting your money you can contact me and I will tell you what will make choosing what to wear fun, easy and oh so flatterring.

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Tips For How To Shop Sales