Why “Me Time” is Necessary for Your Well-Being

By on January 4, 2018

Taking “me time” has long been a source of guilt for women. Studies show that busy women, no matter whether they have full-time paid careers, have children, or have both, take less leisure time for themselves than their male counterparts. In fact, dads tend to take three hours more per week of time for themselves than moms do and, in households without kids, that number increases to five hours per week. Ladies, it might be difficult to justify taking time for yourself on a regular basis but there are plenty of reasons why you should do just that for your own well-being.

Increase Productivity

While going full throttle in constant work mode may seem like the ideal way to get ahead and keep on top of the never-ending to-do lists, skipping out on personal wellness can actually be detrimental to overall productivity. Research shows that working non-stop for others’ benefits can result in physical exhaustion and mental fatigue. Take time for oneself each day on a personal level to improve concentration and alertness as well as aid in problem-solving. Creativity and resourcefulness are also enhanced.

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Improve Relationships

Do you know how the flight attendants remind passengers to place the oxygen masks over their own faces before assisting those around them? That’s because a person is of no effective use to anyone else if she does not focus on her own well-being first due to the fact she will not be able to function properly. This also goes for relationships. Taking time for oneself helps the body and mind to re-energize, restore and revitalize, reducing overall stress levels. It is much easier to care for and nurture another person if one’s own needs have been met.

Get to Know Yourself

One key to being happy is knowing what exactly it is that makes you happy. People change over time and what fulfilled someone in the past might no longer have the same effect but might simply be familiar. Explore new activities that intrigue you — or even scare you — by taking a new class or practicing a new skill. Try a variation of a favorite stand-by such as reading a different genre than your usual literary mainstay or switching up restaurants at lunch. Tweak your personal time to find out who you are now and where your interests and passions currently lie. Chances are you’ll surprise yourself.

Minimize Illness

According to psychotherapist Cherilynn Veland, the constant stress that stems from not taking time to rest and re-energize can result in a great many health issues. Depression, chronic disorders and interrupted sleep are just a few of these ailments. However, integrating a focus on personal wellness into one’s life can reduce anxiety, boost the immune system and even benefit heart health, among a slew of other positive side effects.

Emotional, psychological and physical well-being can all be tied to healthy doses of “me time.” Whether you spend 30 minutes each morning strengthening your body, an hour a day feeding your soul, or a weekend relaxing your mind, leisure time can offer plenty of benefits and help create a healthy life balance. This infographic from Total Woman Gym & Spa provides 30 Self Care Tips for Inspiration!





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Why “Me Time” is Necessary for Your Well-Being