The Power of One Amazing Habit

By on March 2, 2011

By Erin Chamerlik, MT(ASCP)
Holistic Nutritionist –

How many times have we vowed to “eat better” or lose weight?

Filled with optimism and good intentions we jump with both feet into the deep end of the new plan only to find ourselves missing the mark, feeling defeated and quitting the plan.

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This is where the Power of One Amazing Habit comes in.  What if we chose to change just one tiny thing and didn’t even think about other changes until we had mastered the first tiny change?  For today, let’s focus on incorporating one new habit into our busy lives.

Daily Lemon Water

What to do:

  1. Upon rising, drink a glass of pure water.
  2. Then, squeeze a fresh, raw lemon into a glass of water and drink it.
  3. Rinse your mouth and teeth with more pure water.

The lemon is unique in many ways.

The chemist in me appreciates that the electrical charge of fresh, raw lemons is unlike any other food.  It is similar to the digestive enzymes in our body.  Even though a lemon is acidic it has a powerful alkalinizing effect on the body … this is good!  Why?

Lemons can relieve many digestive problems:

Constipation, nausea, heartburn, bloating, and belching

  • Make sure you are drinking about two quarts of water a day.
  • Drink one glass of fresh lemon water in the morning.


Lemons turn on the body’s energy.

Lemons cleanse and activate the liver and prepare the liver to support the digestive process.


Lemons are great for the immune system.

One lemon gives you 47% RDA of vitamin C.


Drinking lemon juice prevents kidney stones.

Undissolved calcium forms crystals that may pass through the kidneys and into the urinary tract.  Lemon juice dissolves the calcium so that it can be absorbed into the digestive tract and therefore be unable to cause kidney stones.


Lemons have a powerful effect on the body’s biochemistry and pH levels.

  • The lemon is an acidic food that makes the body more alkaline.
  • Disease does not like to live in an alkaline body and lemons are powerful alkalinizers!

Drinking fresh lemon juice in water is one habit that is easy to incorporate into your life.   Tiny changes add up to pay big dividends in your health.

I look forward to sharing more simple tips for tiny changes with you soon.

Additional information:

The Juicing Book by Stephen Baluer

Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss

 Erin Chamerlik is a Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Coach, a speaker, educator, internet author, writer of a weekly e-newsletter, blog and tweets! Erin is also a wife and mother of 2 teenage daughters. Erin earned her BS in Biology from the University of Wisconsin, and Medical Technologist certification MT(ASCP) from Rockford Memorial Hospital. She is currently a Master of Science in Health & Nutrition Education candidate at Hawthorn University.  For more information please visit her website at:

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The Power of One Amazing Habit