The “Perfectly” Fitted Top

By on June 4, 2015

I went through a stage of my life that I seemed to live in jeans or shorts and T-shirts, or sweats and loose tops. That all changed when we moved to New Orleans. I began to notice how southern women love more color, more bling, and actually dressed up and put on make-up when they left the house.

I rarely saw women, especially my age, out in sweats or workout gear and God forbid – no make-up. Southern women take time to think about what they are going to wear, and at minimum put on a bit of blush, mascara, and lipstick when they go out – Even if it’s to the grocery store. Unlike what I was accustomed to living in a small town in the rugged region of central Oregon where we lived from 2001 to 2009.

In the high desert town, Sisters, Oregon, most women I bumped into at the store or running around town wore similar attire – which usually consisted of jeans or hiking shorts, boots, or maybe running shoes, in brown, black, beige, white, tan, and khaki, the color choices for the more active outdoor lifestyle. Well, after living in the south for almost three years I discovered color again and realized I look much better in brighter colors. I started wearing skirts and dresses more often and even donned a hat for Easter Sunday as many southern women still do.

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I have since discovered that it feels good to wear a beautiful top, and taking time to think about what I’m going to wear. I spend more time selecting outfits and accessories, one of the benefits of being an empty nester – I have more time to look. Although I do not necessarily love shopping, I spend time looking for ideas and accessories online and when I do go shopping.

One of the most important pieces of an outfit is what people see, where your eye is drawn to, which is most often above your waist, your blouse or top. It makes a statement – black slacks are a staple that we can get away with wearing often, given we find alternate tops of different colors, arm lengths, and styles to create new looks. One of the challenges of looking stylish is finding tops that fit well, cover well, and are stylish.

Selecting a quality fabric is key to how a top flows or falls. At Modlily you will find lots of beautiful options, including the super soft-luxury MicroModal that hangs “perfectly” over any body style. One of the tried and true styles is a good basic “v” neck, (as seen in below along with the off the shoulder style) offered in beautiful colors:

Covered Perfectly tops

 Perfectly Covered Mandy style topOr the flattering draped, “Mandy” and ruffled front styles. Perfectly Covered ruffle top


If you’re looking for the “perfect” top – that fits and covers well, be sure to check out the styles at Modlilywhen only perfect will do”.

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The “Perfectly” Fitted Top