The High School Reunion

By on June 1, 2014
Gail Tillinghast reunion

By Gail N. Tillinghast –

You spend your life as a child growing and learning, and if you are among the more fortunate, you grow up among the same people at a time when it starts to really matter: the middle school and high school years. You develop close friendships, intrinsic relationships and complicated associations through those years, and by the time you graduate high school, you are ready to bust out and make your own way, chart your own course and set the world on fire.

Moving Up and Out
What you don’t realize at the time is that, once you graduate from high school, and especially if you go away to college, you will most likely begin to live an entirely different life replete with new friends and associations, and as each year passes by, you silently and invisibly grow further and further away from high school.

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Aging Happens over Time but Hits Suddenly
If you’re like most people, you look at your reflection in the mirror at least once a day. Because the aging process is so gradual, you don’t notice the changes as they occur, and actually the changes that cause you to appear old don’t start showing up until sometime around your 40th birthday, with the tiny appearance of fine lines and wrinkles telling the story of your life. Funny…it’s about that age when your close up vision begins to “go” on you, so unless you switch to a magnified mirror or reading glasses, you just don’t tend to notice those minute changes when they first present.

It’s in the Mail…
So you go about your life, one day at a time, wherever you are, without much thought as to how you’re aging, until the day comes when you open your mailbox and there sits, among the clutter of bills and junk mail, the announcement that invites you to your high school reunion. And from that moment on, whenever you look into a mirror, you will eternally see just how you have aged since you were your 18 year-old self.

What About the Neck Area?
There are creams and makeups that you can use to camouflage your face, however it’s not so easy to hide neck wrinkles and creases that develop after 40. This is where you need a miracle. And the miracle just happens to be available – it’s a little strip of technologically designed tape that will smooth your lines and wrinkles, giving you the appearance of being many years younger.

Go to That Reunion
Enjoy yourself – go to your reunion, enjoy life, and take advantage of the great products available that can make you look as good as you feel!  For more information on this product – go to the website at


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The High School Reunion