5 Hottest Hair Color Trends for 2014

By on August 7, 2014

By Emma Watson−

Thinking about shaking things up a bit with a brand new hair color? Don’t even think about stepping foot into the salon without checking out 2014’s hottest hair color trends, with everything from striking blondes to alluring brunettes- and a little bit of both.

1. Hair Color Trend: Perfectly Platinum

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When it comes to blonde hair for 2014, there is one thing to keep in mind: the brighter the better. Platinum blonde is undoubtedly the hottest hair color trend of the year, and we’re seeing it everywhere- from Red Carpet events in Hollywood to the infamous Fashion Week. If you’re daring enough to try on this style, just keep in mind platinum blonde needs plenty of special hair care and the right hair products to keep hair smooth and luscious, including conditioners and hair masks.

2. Hair Color Trend: Brown Blonde

Don’t think the platinum ‘do is right for you but would still love to dabble in blonde hair color? Then this next hair color trend is right for you: ‘brown blonde’. Just as the name states, this lovely hair color combines darker, softer shades of golden blonde with light brown locks for a creamy, smooth finish that is absolutely sensational.

3. Hair Color Trend: Chocolate Brown

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Whether it’s in the form of bars, cakes- or even hair- we have to admit we love chocolate everywhere. This chocolatey brown color is remarkable, majestic, and downright classy. It’s simply the perfect mix of darker shades of brown to give it that mysterious and sensual appeal that so many woman cling to. And with the right hair products, you can give this chocolatey brown coloring a serious shimmer and glow that can’t be missed.

4. Hair Color Trend: Red Hot


If there is one particular trend we are seeing more and more of, it’s definitely red hair. It seems like every woman has at least tried (if not fallen madly in love) with the color red. And who wouldn’t? Red hair is undoubtedly hot and has been deemed the sexiest, most enticing hair color since as long as we can remember. Whether you opt for a fire engine red, maroon red, or a rosy red hair color with hues of pink, you’re sure to be wearing on of 2014’s hottest hair color trends. Just remember to apply the right hair products to keep the red going strong for weeks!

 5. Hair Color Trend: Ombre


Let’s be clear: the crazy, two-toned masterpieces with pinks, purples, and greens is going out of style; but that doesn’t mean ombre is ready to take a seat. Ombre is still heavily popular, but we’re seeing a lot more natural colors that blend beautifully than ever before. Most woman are opting for darker shades of blondes and browns on the top of the head, leading down towards lighter ends for a very majestic flow.

What can we say? We are in love with this year’s hair color trends. There is something for everyone, from strikingly bright blonde to shimmering chocolatey brown locks- and let’s not forget those firecracker redheads! Which hair color trend for 2014 is your favorite? You can find hair products at Ebay.com

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5 Hottest Hair Color Trends for 2014