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The Top 10 Drinks to Ditch to Eliminate Your Muffin Top Fast!

Top 10 Drinks to Ditch

 Eliminate Your Muffin Top…FAST!

As promised, you can download our complimentary article, “Top 10 Drinks to Ditch” by our guest contributor, Wendie Pett by clicking here or on the picture of the book.

You may be blind-sided by the empty calories and excess fat in some of the common drinks you consume on a daily basis. What you’re drinking just might be the primary culprit to that jiggle around your middle – otherwise known as a “muffin top.”

While your body only requires water and should be everyone’s drink of choice – that’s not the reality. Most people get bored with water and are duped into believing the creative marketing hype about other drink options that may seem harmless…until you dig deep, that is.

The biggest problem with most “other drink choices” is that they are loaded with sugar. Clever marketing companies would like you to believe otherwise so they can continue to earn millions of dollars at the expense of your unhealthy, sugary addictions. The average person is consuming 156-200 lbs. of sugar a year! That equates to ½ lb. of sugar EVERY day. WOW!!!

It’s time to ditch the drinks that are contributing to the unattractive “muffin top” and the poor health consequences that go along with it.  Download the Article Now



WENDIE PETT is a nationally renowned fitness expert and coach, mother, speaker, author, Nationally syndicated TV show host and creator of the Visibly Fit™ exercise program. Wendie’s Visibly Fit™ instructional DVDs teach wellness maximization through the balance of mind, body and spirit while using one’s body as a gym (and saving hundreds in membership fees).

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