Tending the Garden of Your Soul

By on July 1, 2012
beautful pathway of flowers

By Norine Rae –

Summer is here along with the beautiful species of flowers, bushes, and trees offering spectacular splashes of colors that we so love and appreciate about this time of year. Yet with all this flourishing and growth there is the work that comes with trying to keep the weeds at bay. More rain and growth means more weeds. But after the first weeding, which requires the breaking up of the soil, the work of maintaining a beautiful garden doesn’t seem as difficult. Once the soil is broken up it requires less effort and time to pull out new weeds that continually seem to spring up, and you’re less likely to pull-out the plants you want to keep.

On the way home from church on Sunday my sister-in-law asked my great niece, Abby, what lesson she got from the message. She didn’t skip a beat as she shared the message of how are lives are like soil and how seeds that get dropped in our soil can grow while others may get eaten by birds, or how weeds can grow and choke out what is good so it’s important to care for our garden. Like the parable in the Bible.

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It made me think of the garden I’ve been working in all week while visiting my family in Washington. My niece was right, just as in the parable of the seeds. Our lives are like gardens, we can have lovely colorful gardens as well as weeds. Some of the seeds we choose to plant while others may get scattered by a passing bird. And with growth comes unwanted weeds. So we have to break-up our soil, pull out the unwanted weeds, water, mulch, and feed our soil to keep it healthy. It takes work! If we pull out the weeds that spring up quickly it will take less effort than if they’re allowed to take root. If we become too busy or ignore the weeds, they can spread and become a bigger problem and even choke out healthier plants.

This has been a good week visiting my family and working in the garden. It has reminded me to care for my own garden. I’m challenged to plant good seeds in my garden, which will produce good fruit. When a garden is well thought out and maintained it becomes a work of art. We can use creativity in caring for our garden and because each of us is unique there is no garden exactly the same. What does your garden look like? Does it need some weeding? Would you like to add a little color or different species in your garden? Does your garden represent you? This is a great time to consider the beauty for which you were created and the maintenance needed to keep your garden healthy and happy. I hope you’ll take the time to tend the garden of your soul this summer.


Norine Rae resides in Redding, California and is scheduled to complete her Master’s in Intellectual Leadership from A.W. Tozer in May 2012. She received her BA from Central Washington University and is an Ordained Minister and holds a Degree in Evangelism from Full Gospel Bible Association. She has worked 30 years in the Human Services fields and has done extensive work in ministry, missions and leadership both foreign and domestic. She is a lifelong learner, speaker, minister, writer, mother, and friend.

Norine Rae

About Norine Rae

Norine Rae resides in Redding, California where she is a member of Bethel Church. In 2012 she completed her Master’s in Intellectual Leadership from A.W. Tozer Seminary through Simpson University. She has worked over 30 years in Human Services fields and has done extensive work in ministry, missions, and leadership both foreign and domestic. She is a lifelong learner, international speaker, minister, writer, mother, and friend.


  1. Jane VanOsdol

    July 1, 2012 at 8:56 pm

    Thanks for your comments about tending to the weeds in our gardens–and in our lives.

    One problem we’ve had in the Midwest is drought conditions. I’ve fought to keep my garden alive this summer. Rarely do I have to worry about that in June, but with temperatures in the 90’s and 100’s and almost no rain, my vegetable garden is dry, dusty, and shriveled.

    In my life, I’ve found the same to be true with my spiritual life as well. If I’m not drinking regularly of the living water that Jesus gives us, I find my spirit in the same sad state as my melon vines are right now. It’s easy to let my morning time with God slide when I am busy, but that is when I need it the most! When I dip from the well of the living water, I find that once again I spring to life and am ready for what God has for me to do.


  2. SueH

    July 4, 2012 at 3:01 pm

    “Tending The Garden Of Your Soul” has spoken to my spiritual being. Yes! Our relationship with God needs much work, maintenance and nourishment, that is, if it is to grow. The lovely picture of the flower garden depicts the beauty of our relationship to God. TY for this post.

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Tending the Garden of Your Soul