How to Take Care of Aging Skin

By on October 16, 2020
aging skin

If we are lucky enough, we all get to age, and that is a part of life that is just unavoidable. There are many aesthetic reasons as to why we often want to slow down or reverse the effects of aging, however, there are many excellent reasons to take care of our aging skin that is not based on societal pressure to look as young as possible.

Read on to find out how you can take care of your aging skin to keep it healthy.

How does skin age?

 Like every part of our body, as time passes skin ages and you might be surprised to learn that this process begins as soon as we hit our 20s. That being said, there are different ways in which the skin ages. Internal factors such as getting older is a natural process. But there are external factors that can be controlled to keep our skin as healthy and glowing as possible.

natural sunscreen with zinc oxide

Avoid direct sun exposure

 Getting out in the sun is crucial for our health and has many benefits. It plays a vital part in our body’s production of vitamin D, which among other benefits helps protect the immune system. However direct sun exposure over extended periods of time can cause the skin to age prematurely and can lead to serious health issues.

Sunburn and skin cancer are just two types of damage that can result from exposing unprotected skin to direct sunlight for too long. So, to lessen the chances of skin damage, or even worse, skin cancer, make sure to use a high-quality sun protector before you go outside. It is also important to note that sunscreen is not just for the summer! While the risks are lower because the sun isn’t as strong, sun damage can occur in winter. Make sure to keep your skin protected whatever the weather!

Ease up on skin products

 While we might feel tempted to reach for the latest product that promises the world, sometimes products either do not make much difference or can even cause skin issues worse. Our skin becomes more delicate as it ages as collagen production lessens as each year passes and our skin loses our elasticity, so using gentle and simple products is the best way forward. Consider a gentle soap with extra skin-nurturing ingredients. For example, there are many benefits of goat’s milk in soap, which offers an impressive buffet of nutrients that contribute to the health of the skin and could help mitigate external damaging factors.

 Take care of aging skin inside-out

 No matter what we apply to our skin on the outside, if we are not giving our body the nutrients it needs from within then there is not much we can use that will have an effect externally. Our skin needs vitamins such as vitamins A, C, and E to work, look, and feel at its best, and these are derived from the foods we eat.

Foods such as carrots, apricots, any vegetable or fruits, for that matter, that are yellow or orange often provide significant amounts of vitamin A, which helps cell growth and renewal, and fatty acids, which include vitamin E, can be found in oily fish and nuts.

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How to Take Care of Aging Skin