How To Get SuperHuman Fitness Mojo!

By on May 1, 2012

You know these people. Either the woman with endless energy & cute outfits who always manages to fit in her workout AND into her party dress. Or the man with the wicked shoulders, chest and abs, the cool gymbag, the chicks & the virility of a Greek God. Don’t envy them..BE THEM!

Here’s how:

1) You gotta put the fun in fitness!

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Repetitive? Cheesy? Goes without saying? Well, you wouldn’t believe how many people workout reluctantly. Or workout like an automaton and do the same routine over and over for years with no change. It is proven that exercisers that are psyched about a new routine or new fitness challenge move their body MORE and with greater EFFECT. Enjoyment is a natural motivator. If you like an activity, you’ll do it again and again. You have to stay sharp and switch things up for yourself. You wouldn’t put the same dinner menu on repeat for weeks and months..right? If you really get stuck, bribery works well in these cases. If it’s a challenging week chalk full of deadlines and busy children’s schedules, don’t book your mani/pedi or massage until AFTER you fit in a workout. Regard it as YOUR time…a piece of the day when the clock only belongs to YOU! Turn on some great tunes, put the world on pause and enjoy yourself. You deserve it!

2) Making it all about YOU!

Sky high drive comes from the “why.” Make your reasons for fitness true to you. Think of all of the reasons why you want to feel great. One-upping your friend or coworker never works. Repeating thigh exercises to get into those skinny jeans for a date or pumping up your chest all week to fill out your summer Tshirt are also futile. Doing anything for another’s expectations, takes the fun right out of fitness. In my experience, gymgoers that focus solely on the physical pay off lose their initiative rather quickly because it can take a while (8-12 weeks) to really see marked results. Dive deep for your inspiration.

3) Plan to make it happen!

Without mapped out, real, measureable goals, plans are just good intentions aren’t they? You need a strategy for success and real results. Not sure where to start? Hire a professional and experienced trainer to get you going. My strongest suggestions are to make sure that your fitness is scheduled in your calendar at the same times and same days of the week each week. You need to get in the habit of scheduling the rest of your life (like the dentist, the hair salon, beers with the boys etc) around your training time. If you let it take the back seat’ll be more apt to procrastinate in the future. Take it seriously. It’s your health, which is your vitality, your longevity and your happiness. Then learn how to make it work FOR you..not against you.

4) The old fashioned buddy system!

Ever heard of the term “You are what you eat?” Ya, that’s 100% plausible, but so is “You are who you hang with!” Want to get in shape? Find a pal (or meet one) that feels the same. Have eachother’s back. Train together..get more reps out of eachother’s set. Maybe add a little friendly competition. Share information. Motivate one another, keep eachother accountable. Can’t find a buddy to work out with? You may find a similar boost with a group class. You’ll move with everyone’s collective momentum. Laugh, smile and have fun. Do it like no one’s watching!

And now that you are on the way to amazing fitness, it’s only human to hit a plateau. When the you hit the skids, don’t get alarmed, it’s normal and occurs all of the time. Here is what to do:

1) Have Faith

Changing your habits from bad to better is a process. Your body has been changing for the better and your are feeling fabulous, so you know it’s working. Whatever you do..DON’T QUIT! Your body has an adjustment period to go’ll come out strong in the end. Keep punchin!


Focusing on the exact number of weight you want to lose can make a sane person crazy. It’s far too daunting. Take it day by day with smaller goals. Break down those 20lbs to something like “Tomorrow when I get up, I am going to focus on getting my cardio done and eating my healthy breakfast.” Make a healthy habit checklist so you can check things off every day. Leave it in a visible place like the fridge or your wallet.


You might have been pushing yourself for a while now. There will be the day when you’re body is desperately trying to tell your brain that you need a day off. Good. Take it. Your workouts are breaking down muscle fibers. It takes quality rest and sound nutrition to enable them to recover properly. Hit the gym the next day.



It’s just that simple. If you’re doing 45minutes on the elliptcal 5 days a week – stop! Instead cut the time in half and double the intensity. Keep your heart and muscles guessing so that you’re body will work harder to get you over the hump!

Hope that helps improve your fitness mojo!

Drop me a line! I’d love to hear what works for you!

Til next time..


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How To Get SuperHuman Fitness Mojo!