Style Apps to Help You Dress Better

By on August 9, 2014

We live in times when our smartphones have started to become an extension of our lives, more like another helpful and compact organ of the body that can be easily carried along wherever we go. While cynics may argue that prolonged use of mobile phones is unnecessary and unhealthy, one thing’s for sure – they make our lives extremely convenient. With so many style apps to choose from and each one is worthwhile, why wouldn’t we become attached to our phones?

For most women, deciding what to wear every morning feels like a challenge, I speak from personal experience. It’s almost as if we never have anything good to wear, even though our closet overflows with clothes. Organizing them seems like such a task! I mean, how are we supposed to keep track of everything that we have? Apart from the oh-so-useful and versatile hangers (that make it so easy to locate specific clothes), there’s not a lot of strategies to help keep things organized.

This is when the smartphone comes into play! By simply downloading and using the following 5 style apps, you can sort your wardrobe out and banish the everyday-morning-dressing blues from your life altogether.

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1. MyDressing

Platform: Android 2.3.3 and above
Developer: MyDressing Team
Price: Free

Thanks to MyDressing, building outfits has become so easy. It allows you to keep your wardrobe organized and spares you the headache of pairing clothes from your wardrobe by helping you create new combinations out of the pieces you already own!

No, you’re not dreaming, this app is for real. And it’s free. Here’s how to use it.

  • Simply snap your garment(s) or import an image of the garment from your picture gallery
  • Crop the garment out of the picture by using your finger
  • Now create your outfits and trendy them any way you like.
  • You also have the option of choosing a background color for the outfit you create
  • Add the accessories that go with the outfit and save the combination to your collection
  • You can browse your collection from any place at any time
  • If you wish, you can share your outfits on social media

Sounds like a lot of fun! Don’t wait, download this app now and say goodbye to all your dressing-up worries.

2. StyleBookstylebook

Platform: iOS 6.0 or above
Developer: left brain/ right brain, LLC
Price: $3.99

Put together a different look every day by using your own clothes with Stylebook. If you’ve run out of ideas for different outfits using your current wardrobe, this app is a must-have for you. With more than 91 features to help you organize your wardrobe, you will never have to worry about running out of dressing ideas.

Some of its useful features are as follows –

  • It helps you organize your wardrobe and lets you be your own stylist
  • You can easily personalize it by importing images of your clothes, creating catalogs and lists of different outfits
  • The catalog-style list allows you to keep track of your clothes
  • The app also presents you with statistics about your clothes

Wardrobe management was never this easy, but this app makes important and difficult decisions related to dressing-up seem like child’s play.

3. Closet+


Platform: iOS 7.0 and above
Developer: Volygon Inc.
Price: USD 2.99 for full version, depends on the package

Leave it to Closet+ to solve your daily problems of mixing and matching clothes, in a way that you do not end up repeating them too often. This one gives you the freedom to plan in advance as to what you want to wear and when.

Noteworthy features of this app include –

  • It has a ‘bulk import’ feature lets you import several pictures of your clothes quickly
  • This app puts you in charge and lets you categorize your outfits. You can even have a separate category for your favorite clothes
  • The user can keep a track of the clothes worn along with details related to their price
  • It has a calendar feature which can be used to plan your outfits as per upcoming events
  • You can also create packing lists prior to impending vacations to avoid last-minute hurries and worries
  • You can tag your clothes as per their color, need for tailoring, dry cleaning, and so on
  • You can customize the app’s theme to your liking
  • Use the app to share your style with other fashionistas through reputed social networking sites.

If you don’t mind spending $3 on an app, this one can save you a lot of style grief.

4. Stylicious


Platform: Android 4.0 and above, iOS 7.0 and above
Developer: FABU Inc.
Price: Free

Here’s one more app that makes choosing everyday clothes simpler by using just your phone’s camera. With Stylicious, you can snap all your articles of clothing, shoes, and accessories, and tag and categorize them.

Here are some highlights of this app –

  • Digitize your wardrobe and create different looks
  • It has a built-in calendar called Style Planner that lets you plan what you want to wear as well as record what you wore when in the past
  • Mix and match your outfits and create your favorite looks
  • Their team of stylists will provide you with advice about creating different looks and special finds
  • Do some fun online shopping via this app
  • Share images you have stored to Stylicious on social networking sites

As the name suggests, this app is sure to keep you stylish at all times!

5. Cloth


Platform: iOS 4.3 and above
Developer: Clothes Minded
Price: Free

Cloth not just helps you dress up, it helps you dress for the season. And yes, it’s got all of the features that the above apps have. But apart from that –

  • It lets you add Instagram-style effects to your photos
  • It awards you with badges and points for sharing your outfit images on social networks
  • It lets you tag outfits as per events, trips, and seasons

I bet you’re feeling tempted to download it right now, and seeing as it is free, you don’t have much to lose either.

With the important decision-making left to these apps, the only decision you need to make now is when you will start downloading and using them!

Millie Rainer is the content strategist and writer specializing in Lifestyle, Fashion, organizing, and much more. She’s associated with Only Hangers, a clothing hanger company in Miami, dealing in wooden, metal, and other hangers since 2005.

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Style Apps to Help You Dress Better