Stress Driving You CRAZY?!! Try these tips!

By on June 18, 2012

We are always in search of ways to reduce our stress. Of course one big way is to change the pace of our lives in general. But I realize that most of us do not have that luxury. So what to do, what to do…

I have good news! There is a lot  you can do. Amazingly, food can make a big difference in how we regulate the impact of stress on our bodies and our everyday lives. Try eating some of the foods and other suggestions from the list below to reduce your stress and to ultimately feel better.

Oatmeal – not only is eating oatmeal a great way to start the day but it is also a great way to boost serotonin (chemical in the brain that promotes a calming feeling) Oatmeal also helps to stabilize the blood sugar and reduce cortisol (chemical in the brain that increases the physical symptoms of stress)

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Oranges – yes full of vitamin C this you already know BUT did you know that Vitamin C is known to be a good stress reducer? Studies have shown that taking Vitamin C before you do a stressful task can reduce blood pressure and reduce your cortisol levels (the hormone produced during stress)

Spinach – is high in magnesium. When your magnesium is low you can start to have headaches and fatigue which is compounded while your under stress. So it is a good idea to “stock” up on eating sources of magnesium. Some other sources of magnesium are soybeans, salmon, and  green leafy vegetables,

Fatty Fish – Omega 3 becomes depleted when you are under stress. Make sure you are eating plenty of Fatty Fish such as salmon, tuna, at least 2 to 3 times a day for a healthy source of Omega 3 – especially if you are going through some particularly stressful times.

Black Tea – There have been studies that show that drinking black tea during a stressful time can lower cortisol levels which will help reduce the feelings that stress brings. The caffeine in coffee is different than that of black tea. Coffee can actually increase the feelings of stress; might be a good idea to decrease your coffee during stressful times.

Bedtime Snack – to help reduce stress levels having a small bedtime snack can speed up the release of serotonin which will help when you start your day …mornings can sometimes be stressful and that bedtime snack can help offset the feelings you get when your are rushing around in the mornings.

St. Johns Wart – While research is still being done there is evidence that points to St. Johns Wart as an herb that has a calming effect for people who have mid to moderate depression

Exercise – movement of at least 30 minutes 3x a week can go a long way to reduce stress. It gets the endorphins going which is the feel good hormone. It’s hard to feel the stress when you feeling good.

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Stress Driving You CRAZY?!! Try these tips!