MEAN ABS – Do It Now 30/60/90 Day Challenge!

By on June 18, 2012

I was doing my usual social media for the day and ran across something that really got me motivated! It was a calender that had “core exercises” (abdominal exercises) you should do every day. Normally the idea of working on my “core” is not appealing but I guess I have moved to another phase!

Now that I am in the 50’s it is time to really take a preventative approach on areas of my body that normally are no problem. When it comes to my tummy I have been lucky! I have had four children and no belly fat. BUT over the last few months there has been a change. A thickening of my body…my gosh…the onset of what they used to call back in the day, “THE MID-DRIFT BULGE”! So given that I started a challenge. A challenge that should be done by every woman in America that wants to keep those ABS under control (men can do it too!) MEAN ABS JUNE. 

Although the calender says “June” this routine can be used at any time. It is relevant whether you do it in December or in June. I thought I would post it on my Facebook Fan Page. The reaction was amazing. In less than a week over 1,000 people have decided to take the challenge. It is a growing movement and one that I think will go on indefinitely – or at least it should!

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Below are a few tips that you should incorporate to get the best out of the MEAN ABS routine below.

  • Keep it healthy – if you have any health problems that might inhibit you from doing this please talk with your Doctor about this routine before you start
  • Use wisdom – these numbers are GOALS and not etched in stone
  • Journal your progress – it is fun to go back and read what you might have been thinking and it is also rewarding to mark the days you met the goal
  • Leverage – while working on this routine why not go ahead and work on your intake. Perhaps you want to eat more frequently but smaller portions to increase metabolism or perhaps you may want to start eating healthy salads for lunch instead of a heavier higher calorie lunch.
  • Group It – start a support group. One of the reasons this took off when we posted it on our Fan Page is that people start putting together groups and encouraging each other. Doing this as a group activity will help you meet your goals and it is FUN!
  • Be Kind – if you miss a day, don’t meet the goals, get tired, sore …whatever…don’t beat up on yourself. Be loving and kind to yourself. Be proud that you are even trying, and take one day at a time, with the intent of making the goal but realizing that if you don’t your still a winner because you have taken a big step towards total wellness for your mind, body and spirit!

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MEAN ABS – Do It Now 30/60/90 Day Challenge!