How To Think Strategically: Part 1

By on September 1, 2012

Okay, When I do interviews I am sometimes asked where the name of my business came from.

The truth is, I really understand from a core level feeling like you have all this overwhelming, Niagra size potential BUT YOU CAN’T SEEM TO HARNESS IT in any way that is producing results for you (Or anyone else for that matter :0)

I love to pray, always have since I asked the big J to basically save me from myself. I was on fast track to H-E-double hockey sticks. Prayer is one of the best way’s I process, connect with God and overcome obstacles.

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However, the truth was that until I LEARNED HOW TO HARNESS STRATEGIC ACTION with the downloads I got in prayer, I never really impacted anyone’s life or was able to grow my vision. So, what we are going to talk about here is hugely important to you launching a good plan whether is healthy eating or growing a profitable business. I want you to relax if you are one of those fly by the seat of your pants people and your really not that good at strategic thinking. Because listen, I sucked at it when I launched my business.

Okay back to why you need to think strategically. Because it‘s Biblical and frankly, to grow you don’t need luck you need a plan. If want to grow a Christ like identity, you have to begin to think strategically. My people perish for a lack of knowledge. My plans for you are good and not evil. From the very foundation of the world, even before the fall, The Lord had a plan in place that was strategic in nature to redeem you and I.

So in other words for all your floaty worshipers, intercessors and supa-natural lovers, thinking ahead is NOT, not trusting the Holy Spirit. Let’s be clear right up front that it is God’s will for you to think in a strategic way and it worth the wrestling in prayer that we have to go through to discern it.

If you need a scriptural context, think about Esther fasting for 3 days to get a plan for saving herself and the whole kingdom. She didn’t tell Mordecai, oh, everything will work out. God loves me, I’ll just throw my favorite party dress on and go on into the King and ask him to stop all this nonsense with Haman.

When you are burdened for other people’s lives and breakthrough, there is a weight and soberness that is produced in your life and that becomes a stewardship. It’s life giving, and there is a price you will pay for it, but it will require you to think in a strategic way more and more.

Secondly, there is nothing about strategic thinking that is supposed to feel easy or comfortable. However, I will show you later on in next weeks blog how it pays off to take the time up front to target and serve powerfully because you will put yourself in front of people who are going to get the best results from you.

My plan every time I speak, coach or pray with people is to help them build the principles daily that will help them grow closer to Christ and grow profitably. It does not have to be either/or but it does take more time to build significance.

I believe the foremost reason from my experience from working with hundreds of clients is it is a lot of work to think strategically for most people and it doesn’t feel very spiritual. Especially for the worshipers and intercessors. I hear a lot of times that people feel like it diminishes their trust in God and limits them to being moved by the spirit spontaneously.

In my own life, (maybe not yours) that was an excuse that I used because I struggled with perfectionism and being strategic meant I had to have the PERFECT plan. That might I add could not fail. Because that then meant I didn’t hear God which then in turn meant I must have done something wrong to not be in the will of God to be able to hear them which then in turn just reinforced what I already believed which was that I was wasn’t worthy of success. No doubt a slave rather than a son mentality. Boy, when you follow the rabbit trail of really what is at the root of what your thinking, it can be kind of scary.

The truth is that God loves strategic thinking and boldness and has a plan and purpose for each of our lives. The scripture is filled with proof that God is strategic and kingdom strategies will always lead to a greater level of service, freedom and transformation for people and their visions. It does not matter whether their vision is a non-profit ministry or for profit.

Foremost that from the beginning of the fall he had a plan to redeem humanity. Jesus understood his strategic mission right from the start of his ministry. He knew when to withdraw from the crowds, when to heal, when to cast out demons, when to leave a city and go to the next one and who to focus on when he arrived. He even told his disciples what to take with them when he sent them out and what kind of people to partner with once they got there.

He targeted particular people groups first and was very specific about his mission while he was here on earth. He prayed and thought strategically about WHO to put on his team. Jesus was not flying by the seat of his pants or robe, hoping that he would be able to save the world. He KNEW the will of his father, his identity and the scriptures that he needed fulfill. He especially knew what price he would have to pay to reconcile all of us to the Father and was willing to sacrifice to accomplish eternal impact. That essentially is the model we are to follow when we build strategically.
Understanding WHO we are identity wise, our authority and what God’s will is for our life. This is typically the hardest place to perceive for most people)

  • Who we are called to serve in our families, ministries and our businesses in what season’s.
  • What God has called us to provide for them and the exact results they will gain from partnering with us.
  • Introducing people to Christ as we serve them with our product or service and helping them understand how to submit their lives and vision’s to him and being willing to sacrifice for eternal reward.

That in a nutshell is the basis of biblical strategic thinking that will grow your personal life and your business or non-profit ministry. Next week we are going to be looking at how Jesus patterned strategic thinking to us and the lie’s that prevent people from becoming strategic thinkers.

Spoiler * It does not require you to be like Yogi Bear~who as you know was smarter than the average bear:)

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How To Think Strategically: Part 1