Stay in Shape with an Activity Tracker App

By on August 15, 2017
Stay in Shape with an Activity Tracker App

By Mike Cosmin—

Many new technologies have emerged over the years to help us improve our state of health. Practically, our health lies in our own hands considering the number of smart phone apps and devices designed to make us fitter and healthier. It’s safe to say that we can easily find an app for any of our needs, whether it be nutrition, exercising, heart rate, sleep or fitness. 

5 Benefits of Fitness Apps

Fitness apps have definitely grown in popularity over the years and have managed to gain users’ confidence, by helping them develop a more active lifestyle. More and more consumers are inclined to use such apps and it’s understandable why. Here’s how they can help you:

1. Track your Progress

One of the advantages of using a fitness app is the fact that you’ll always be up-to-date with the type of progress you’re making. This is pretty important, since it enables you to periodically measure your fitness level and know how much you’ve got until you’ll reach your target. 

2. Set Realistic Goals

You’ve decided you want a healthier, more active lifestyle for yourself. That’s great, but this doesn’t mean that, all of a sudden, you should begin overtraining to make up for your sedentary period. No, you need to create a reasonable, realistic plan and adjust it to your needs. Fitness apps are great, because they can help you set achievable goals for yourself. It’s better to start off with realistic goals, reach them, slowly but surely build your confidence and then set higher targets.

3. Get the Motivation you Need

By providing multiple metrics about your physical activity, fitness-tracking apps can prove to be great motivators. There’s no higher motivation than knowing how much you’ve accomplished from day one and that there’s so little left until you reach the finish line. 

4. Save Time

There are definitely moments when you don’t feel like fighting the traffic to go to the gym. But who said you have to drive to the gym to do your workout routine? Fitness apps come designed with a large variety of home workout lessons and precise instructions so that you’ll get your exercises done without leaving home.

5. Save Money

Why leave out the financial benefit? Many fitness apps are free or have more than reasonable prices in comparison to a gym membership, to the fees of a personal coach or the high price of a fitness gadget.

Why ActivityTracker by Bits&Coffee

There are plenty of alternatives if you’re aiming to find an efficient app to track your fitness, and ActivityTracker by Bits&Coffee is one of them. 

ActivityTracker is a pedometer app for iPhone and Apple Watch that can track your daily activity without having to wear a gadget and without draining your battery, because it uses the motion processor and not the GPS. Designed with an intuitive, user-friendly interface the app enables you to keep track of the steps taken, flights of stairs climbed, distance run, amount of calories burned and the active time during a day.

With ActivityTracker you can set weekly targets for yourself and see daily how much you’ve got left based on your set target. The app allows you to visualize your physical activity on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and, in case you’re super excited to check out your progress, even on an hourly basis.

If you started your fitness-tracking using Apple Health, there’s no need to worry about losing your information, since ActivityTracker can import your entire historical data. Moreover, the app comes with an import/export feature in case you want to transfer your history to another iPhone. 

Version 2.1 is Now Available

The version 2.1 of the app has recently been released and includes several updates. The biggest update enables users to synchronize steps between iPhone, Apple Watch and HealthKit, while others include various visualization and technical improvements.

To see the entire list of new features and download the app from the App Store, click here

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Stay in Shape with an Activity Tracker App