My Tips on Aging Well – Cindy Grafman

By on January 3, 2014
Cindy Grafman

My name is Cindy Grafman – I’m a 52 year old housewife, mother and caregiver to my family. I’ve always taken good care of myself.  I want to share a few things I do that I believe have helped me to age well.

First, I start my day out by drinking my breakfast – which consists of kale, apples, celery, cucumber, spinach and a whole lemon followed by a handful of raw pistachios and a small piece of salmon. Then it’s off to my elliptical for a 45 minute walk and afterward weight training with squats, lunges and light lifting.

I’ve always been a spiritual person and feel it‘s important to care for your mind, body and spirit. I take good care of my body by making sure everything that I put into it benefits it in some way. For you baby boomers out there, I know it can be tough sometimes but I want to encourage you to find the time for “you”, to breathe and concentrate on taking care of your body because God only gives you one while here on earth!

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Make the effort to eat right and if you get off track a bit make sure to exercise a little extra– maybe you can get on the bike or treadmill and run an extra mile.

Our habits and attitude are important and can attribute to our family’s health. When I was a kid I admired my father because he took time to take care of himself. He taught me the valuable lesson of eating well and exercising. He would take his vitamins in the morning with a glass of orange juice and then jump into the pool and swim 100 laps every morning!

Another important aspect to good health is getting quality sleep/rest. I take the opportunity at night when I sleep to use creams on my face and body to keep my skin moist and supple, something I learned from my mother who took good care of her skin.

My mother was a fashion model and she had a daily skin care regimen and took the time to dress nice and wore stylish clothing.  She never “let herself go”.

My mother taught me to care about my appearance which has stuck with me for fifty-two years. I’m also athletic, thanks to my brother who was an avid sportsman and always had some type of ball in his hands whether it was a baseball, basketball or football. It’s important to be active and include a regular cardio routine – something I know that has helped me keep my weight in check.

I also think it’s important to have fun!  I enjoy going out with my good friends dancing. Make time to do things you love – life can be busy but it’s important to have laugh and have fun. These are basic things I’ve done that I believe have kept me youthful looking and full of life! God bless you and I hope this encourages you to pursue a healthier lifestyle in the New Year!

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My Tips on Aging Well – Cindy Grafman