Spring Cleaning – Making it Easy and Efficient for Women Over 50

Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is something that refreshes the soul as much as it does the home. There is a great satisfaction that comes with a clean and well-organized home. But, it’s hard to get motivated to start the Spring cleaning regime. There are ways to make Spring cleaning easier and more efficient. 

How to make Spring cleaning easy and efficient

First, be sure to use the best appliance for the job at hand.  A bad appliance will not only make Spring cleaning a longer, more time-consuming process than it needs to be, but it will also cause frustration. Our LivingBetter50 team has some favorite appliances to suggest for Spring cleaning:

  1. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – The Eureka Stylus Lightweight Vacuum is powerful and wonderful! Light enough to lift and reach the high, hard-to-reach areas and being cordless makes it convenient and easy to use throughout the home. 
  2. Steam Mop Cleaner – The PurSteam 10-in-1 Mop Cleaner is a tried and tested appliance. It cleans almost every surface and can be used in every room of the house. We love this steam cleaner because it is light-weighted, easy to maneuver, and it really cleans without chemicals! 
  3. Electric Scrubber – Whether you’re cleaning the kitchen sink, bathroom shower, or door jams, an electric scrubber will not only make cleaning easier but also more likely to do the job better. 

Second, we suggest you start small. Spring cleaning seems daunting when you are planning to clean the entire house. Start with one room at a time and begin with the room that gives you the most anxiety when you think of cleaning. Why you may ask? Simply because you are likely not to finish Spring cleaning the entire house. Optimism is great, but the reality is you will likely run out of steam. Remember, Spring cleaning does not have to be finished in a day.

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Lastly, give yourself time. Map out your house and divide the rooms and areas of your home into different projects to tackle on different days.  Writing the projects down and checking off the items on your list will be just as satisfying as the clean and well-organized house. 

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Spring Cleaning – Making it Easy and Efficient for Women Over 50
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