3 Best Places for Sports Tourism for Seniors

By on October 7, 2019

Are you a senior looking for a unique way to spend a vacation in retirement? Maybe you want to get away and enjoy a rejuvenating getaway in a relaxing place?  If you love sports, it is time to consider the best sporting destination for your next trip. The sports tourism market continues growing, and you can get started with packages from Algarve Golf Holidays.

Sports tourism will experience a growth rate above 41% by 2021, according to reports. It is time to discover why more seniors prefer sporting tourism to traditional destinations. Sporting destinations offer more than a getaway. You get to enjoy a relaxing time playing sports such as golf, surfing, diving, fishing, tennis, biking, running, swimming, and darts, among others. 

Your trip positively impacts both physical and mental health. You get back home more relaxed. As your body ages, it is the perfect trip to reinvigorate yourself. 

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This guide explores a few of the best sporting destinations for seniors.

  • Portugal 

The number of foreigners settling in Portugal gives a hint of the welcoming nature of the country. It is one of the most popular destinations in Europe and for many good reasons. The country has a reputation for its interesting culture.

The marvelous weather boasting 3000 hours of sunshine per year, over 1,230 kilometers of coastline, and several mountain ranges make this an ideal destination for sports tourism. 

You can enjoy sporting actions, including Mountaineering and climbing, golfing, tennis, biking, paragliding, watersports, and many other interesting activities. 

The country is easy to explore with the highly developed infrastructure. The sporting infrastructure is also highly developed, with award-winning golf courses being a major attraction with visitors.

  • South Korea 

Most people today look to the Orient for inspiration in healthy living. South Korea has created a reputation as a sporting destination due to the popularity of traditional martial arts, judo, and taekwondo. 

These Oriental sports have deep roots in the traditions and customs of the people. Many seniors come to the East in search of rejuvenation. 

South Korea not only offers beautiful scenery but you can now enjoy a great time playing golf, biking, swimming, boating, among other sports.  Three-quarters of the country features mountains making it a natural sporting destination. 

The peninsula coastline boasts multiple islands and islets, all giving the perfect platform for sports tourism. Little wonder then that the country has hosted such a wide range of world sporting events, including the 1988 Summer Olympics and 2002 FIFA World Cup, among others.

Travel packages now cite sports as a major part of the attractions to the country. It is a country where you will feel welcome as the culture has a lot of respect for seniors. 

  • Qatar 

The mention of Qatar conjures the images of luxury and grandeur. However, there’s a lot more the country has to offer, and this includes exciting sporting activities. 

After winning the rights to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022, the country has continued investing heavily in sporting activities. Over 80 sporting events take place every year.  In 2019, the World Athletics Championship and World Artistic Gymnastics Championship have taken place successfully. 

As a senior, you will find many indoor and outdoor sporting activities in the country. Watersports are the most popular due to the country’s hot climate. There are also diverse desert games you can join in during your next trip.  

Sports tourism is about fun and wellbeing. You get to see new places and at the same time partake in your favorite sports and try new ones. You come back home relaxed, reinvigorated, and with a new perspective to life.

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3 Best Places for Sports Tourism for Seniors