Social Distance Activities for Women Over 50

By on July 29, 2020
social distance

Social distance is a new term in our everyday vocabulary. Who could have ever prepared us for this time in history? Who would have ever believed that one could only participate in social activities at a distance? Would we have even believed someone if they had seen this in our future? With so many unknowns and so much uncertainty, we need to have time to clear our minds and keep our bodies active. 

You may feel anxious and scared. You may be following all the guidelines to keep you and your loved ones safe. But, you might be someone who is not concerned over this pandemic at all but still find yourself lonely. Finding creative ways to be active and at a social distance is in itself, a “new normal”. 

Here are 5 social distance activities to keep you active and socially engaged:

  1. Sports like tennis and golf are great ways to be outdoors, burn some calories, and spend time with friends… at a safe distance.  Keep some hand sanitizer handy, your mask on (or close by for when you need it), and you’ll notice the difference the fresh air and vitamin D makes!
  2. Join or form a book club. Get some friends together via ZOOM, Skype, Facebook Messenger, etc. and discuss a book you’ve all chosen to read beforehand. You never know where the discussion may lead. You might just have some good laughs or share some tears. Either way, you will feel connected. 
  3. Try some online gaming. This may seem like something your teenage grandchild would suggest, but you will be surprised. There are various online games that you could invite your friends to join you in and let the competitive spirits flare! Teens might not seem social in their technology-driven world, but they are more connected than we realize. 
  4. Landscaping and outdoor decorating. Gather your neighbors or friends and schedule days to work in each other’s yards. By joining your unique talents, green thumbs, and creativity, you could help create that outdoor space, decorate a front porch, or landscape a beautiful yard together.  
  5. Virtual hobby courses and classes are easily accessible these days. Some classes are free, while others may involve a small fee which often includes supplies of some kind. You can learn just about anything online and become a master with practice. Invite some friends to join you virtually and together you can paint, cook, dance, workout, and so much more!

We may have to live our lives differently to what we remember as “normal” but that doesn’t mean we have to give up our relationships, self-care, and overall well being. We just have to find a “new normal” and make the best of what we have in the here and now. 

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Social Distance Activities for Women Over 50