Sleeping Positions To Improve Your Spine Health

sleeping positions

Do you wake up every morning with an achy back that no amount of stretching seems to help? If so, your sleeping positions could the reason why. Even if you have the ideal mattress, if you’re not sleeping correctly, you can still put pressure on your spine and neck, causing pain in the long run. To help, we’ve gathered the top sleeping positions so you can improve your spine health. Keep reading to find out more… 

Side Sleeping With A Pillow

The majority of people sleep on their side, and while this may be one of the most recommended positions, you can still experience back pain if you don’t do it right. Spinal alignment is an important factor for side sleepers who experience back pain, so you should consider incorporating pillows into your position. Sleeping with a pillow between your knees can be a great way to add extra support to your spine as it stops your hips from dipping too low. If one pillow isn’t thick enough, up it to two and you’ll be able to keep everything properly aligned.  

Side Sleeping Position

If you don’t like having a pillow between your knees every night or it annoys you having to rearrange it every time you move, you could try sleeping on your side in a fetal position. Tucking your knees up towards your chest helps to curl your torso and ensures your back is correctly aligned. This then opens up the space between your vertebrae and relaxes your back. This position can be especially helpful for those with back pain, so if pillows aren’t working, try this method instead. It’s important to switch the side you sleep on regularly too as you don’t want to be putting continuous pressure on the same side all the time. 

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Front Sleeping

Some people find it most comfortable when they sleep on their stomachs. However, this position can be terrible for your back as it puts immense pressure on your neck. To prevent this from happening, pop a pillow underneath your pelvis as it will alleviate the strain on your back and neck. You might find that doing this means you don’t need a pillow either as your body is now correctly aligned. 

Back Sleeping With A Pillow

Sleeping on your back may seem like a weird solution if you have back pain, but it can actually be better for you if it’s done right. In order to sleep on your back efficiently, place a pillow under your knees as this will put your spine into the correct position. The pillow will also stop your back from dipping too low into the bed or curving up too much that it causes strain. When sleeping on your back, you want your body weight to be distributed as evenly as possible, so using a pillow can help with this. 

Back Sleeping Position

If you have a bed that allows, you might want to sleep in a recline position. Having an adjustable bed can do wonders for your spine health as you can tailor the support to you. Although this isn’t possible for everyone, being able to keep your spine perfectly aligned is crucial when sleeping on your back, so investing in an adjustable bed might just be the best thing for you. 

You think that you have to change how you sleep completely if you want to improve your spine health. But this isn’t the case. You can still sleep how you feel comfortable, but maybe make use of a pillow as well. It doesn’t take much effort to pop a pillow beneath your stomach when front sleeping, so don’t overlook these small tips. Your spine will definitely thank you in the morning!

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Sleeping Positions To Improve Your Spine Health
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