Signs Your Man May Have Low Testosterone

By on May 19, 2016
Low Testosterone

Have you noticed that your husband has been acting differently lately? Does he seem uninterested, down, or just tired? While there are many things that could be causing these emotions, one of them is often overlooked. Diet, exercise, and stress levels can all impact someone’s mood, but for men, it can also be from a low testosterone level. Here are a few signs that your man may be suffering from low testosterone.

Lack Of Energy

One of the classic signs of low testosterone is a lack of energy. It may seem completely normal that your man has less energy as he gets older, but this is not always the case. No one is expecting him to have the energy of a 25-year old, but he also shouldn’t feel tired all day long. If this is the case, then he may have a low testosterone level. There are many other causes of fatigue however, so you should explore those before jumping to LT.

Poor Mood

Another common symptom of low testosterone is feeling down, or consistently being in a bad mood. When you feel tired and run down all of the time, this can have an impact on your mood. You are not able to do the things you once did, and you don’t have the energy to accomplish all you set out to. On top of this, low testosterone is a chemical imbalance in your brain, meaning that it can have many different consequences – one of them being a bad mood.

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Decreased Sex Drive

Often times when a man becomes less interested in sex, the woman thinks it is somehow her fault. Don’t place the blame on yourself, and instead consider that they may have a low testosterone level. Their testosterone level directly impacts their desire for sex, so if you think your partner’s sex drive has diminished, this could be the cause.

Hair Loss

Again, this is a common symptom for men as they get older, but it is not always a result of age. Some men start losing their hair early, and this could be from low testosterone levels. And while you and your man may not mind a few hairs missing from his head, it could point you in the direction of low testosterone levels, so you should keep an eye out.

Difficulty Concentrating

Lastly, a low testosterone level can make it difficult to concentrate. If your partner talks about an inability to focus at work, or if he seems unable to focus on tasks at home, this could be a sign of LT.

Explore All Options

While the symptoms mentioned above could be from a low testosterone level, there are also plenty of other explanations. The important thing to remember is that if your man is experiencing any of the symptoms above, you should keep a low testosterone level open as a possibility, and go speak to his doctor. They will be able to test his blood and check the testosterone levels and let you know for sure if this is the cause.

If you find that your partner does in fact have a low testosterone level, he may be eligible for Hormone Replacement Therapy for men. HRT is defined as “the science of replenishing hormones that are no longer being adequately produced by the body” by Low T Revolution, a St. Louis based testosterone therapy center. Hopefully, if your partner does have low testosterone levels, this treatment will be able to help him out, and get your man back to his normal self.

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Signs Your Man May Have Low Testosterone