Show Off Your Money Saving Winter-Tips #SaveWithASelfe

By on October 6, 2016
Show Off Your Money Saving Winter Tips

With the seasons getting more extreme each year, it’s important for people to understand how our energy use affects our home’s comfort, our environment – and our wallets! In an effort to raise awareness about how small changes around the home can help people save money and the planet, we’ve started a campaign called #SaveWithASelfe”

Using the hashtag “Save With A Selfe,” think about some awesome selfies you could take and share with your friends showing how you’re cutting costs this winter by using some of these tips on ways to get more for your energy dollar and helping to save the environment:

  • A snuggly shot: Whether you’re wrapped up in a cozy blanket with slippers or sitting in front of a roaring fire, remind your buddies on how they can stay warmer when lowering the thermostat this winter.
  • Snapping the stripping: After you replace the old, inefficient or nonexistent weather stripping around doors and windows, snap a shot of your successful DIY project and share it with your friends online.
  • Finding the missing leak: Baseboards are often a source of heat leaks, so after you’ve bought a new area rug to cover these surfaces, share a pic of your new carpet online.
  • Frightening filter replacements: Have a contest with your friends to see who has the best (and worst) looking filters after you’ve replaced them for the winter season.
  • Sharing the soot: Once you’ve cleaned your fireplace and shut the damper, don’t forget to show off all the soot you’ve got all over your hands and face with a comic relief caption and your #SaveWithASelfe byline.

Check out our infographic below, “How To Keep Warm In The Winter (Without Freezing Your Wallet)” for other tips on energy savings when the thermometer begins to drop. Your winter budget will thank you and your utility bills will lower along with the temperature.

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Show off your money saving winter tips

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Show Off Your Money Saving Winter-Tips #SaveWithASelfe