The Secret Life of Be’s!

By on April 16, 2012

By Laurie L. Webb –

What does your “Be” say about you? All of us have a tendency to put forth a “happy” face at times, or a “spiritual” face at other times. We all know how to “act”, right? The saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words”. So it is safe to say, that what we say is not as important as what we do. But I believe that what we do is not as important as what we “BE”!

What makes up our “Be”? Our “be” comes from our innermost heart condition. What our intents and motives are. It is the real “Me”. My “be” comes from what I believe – truly believe deep down in my spirit. It comes from what I am full of. The spiritual DNA that is my makeup.

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We are all capable of putting on the proper mask for the present interaction. We know the right things to say and the right things to do in order to make a proper impression. After all, I’m the Minister, the Evangelist, the Teacher, the Mother, the Spiritually Mature One…I know how to say and do the right things. My actions speak louder than words so I must make sure I am careful to act appropriately when in public. But what about when I am alone – just me and God?

This is the time that creates our “BE”! What we do in our secret place determines our heart condition. Ephesians 5:18 says “Be filled with the Holy Spirit”. “Be” is present tense, so it means it is a continuous state. You don’t get filled once and never refill. If you fill a glass with water and leave it sitting on your counter, you will notice that over time the amount of water in the glass decreases. It is a natural occurrence called evaporation that takes place. Over time the water decreases until it is completely gone and the glass is left empty. If we don’t continually refill with Holy Spirit, over time spiritual evaporation will take place until we are left empty. “Be” is also a passive imperative that means we don’t have to act in order to be filled, we just have to submit to the filling process. Holy Spirit is a gift that we simply receive. “Be filled” is also a command. God expects His children to “be filled with Holy Spirit” because that is the process of empowerment for His children.

When you completely fill the glass with water there is no room for anything else. So, you see, if you are filled with Holy Spirit there is no room for anything else. No room for self! No room for bitterness! No room for anger! No room for hate! No room for other worldly “stuff”. Just Holy Spirit! But when you fail to refill, you leave room for those things to creep back  in to fill the space. You allow evaporation and then eventually contamination!

When you are alone in your secret place, allow Holy Spirit to fill you! Ask Him to so fill you that there is no room for anything else. And then make it a point to continually refill so as not to allow room for self to enter back in. When you are filled with Holy Spirit, your actions reveal it as does what you say! So if you will take care of your “be”, your “do” and your “say” will reflect that. You will no longer have to put on a mask to hide the real you! The real you will shine forth like the noonday sun because the real you is filled with Holy Spirit wisdom, love, and compassion.

So, what is the secret life of your “Be”? What are you doing under the cover of privacy that affects your heart condition? What do you allow to fill you up?

Remember, what you say is not as important as what you do. And what you do is not as important as what you “be”! But what you “be” determines what you say AND what you do!

Originally posted on Laurie Webb Ministries.

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The Secret Life of Be’s!