When is the Right Time for Brushing the Teeth: Before or After Meals?

By on October 16, 2016

By Roman Beres–

We do brush after every meal. We’ve doing this for years. This is what we have grown up doing. We know most people around follow the same routine. So, we feel a bit surprised when someone asks, don’t you brush before the meal?

Well, frankly speaking, we don’t do this. We hope most others too don’t do this as well. In fact, we are sure that not most people are familiar about this new medical fad. Or brushing before the meal is not as popular worldwide as it is post-meal. 


Anyways, now you know two ways of brushing and the problem is, which version to follow? To know how the one is different from another, we need to look into the merits and demerits of both trends of brushing.

First, let’s see merits of brushing after the meal –      

  • You should know that not all food items require brushing after the consumption as not all are harmful.
  • Brushing becomes important only when you have a meal rich in sugars and carbohydrates.
  • Or, brushing becomes necessary only with those foods that are helpful for bacteria to grow in the mouth.
  • There are bacteria that don’t harm the teeth on immediate basis as their damage starts only after some 30 minutes of consuming the meal.
  • This is the reason dentists recommend brushing some half and later post the meal as doing this ensures superior dental health.

Now, let’s see the harmful side of brushing after the meal –

  • The dentist won’t recommend you brushing after every meal as this can weaken the enamel in the long run.
  • Brushing is strictly restricted post eating foods with citric acids as this takes the harm of acids deeper into the teeth.
  • Barring foods rich in acids, you can brush after all other items as it will help.
  • The level of damage will be more if you eat harmful foods and brush immediately after that.

Quite clearly, we can see the risks associated with brushing after the meal and this is where you need to be cautious. You should not do what dentists advise against as this may lead to dental decay in a gradual manner. More so, the enamel is quite sensitive part of the teeth and its superior care is necessary.

Now, let’s look at merits of brushing before the meal –

  • Brushing before the meal brings lots of benefits and you should stick with that.
  • You can brush before eating acidic foods to minimize the risks.
  • Acid risks can also be curtailed by drinking lots of water right after finishing the meal.
  • Chances of cavities come down drastically when you brush before eating and this is how superior dental health is achieved.

In addition to brushing, rinsing with a mouth wash like CloSys can significantly improve your oral health. When the mouth is more acidic (an unbalanced pH), it’s more prone to germ growth. CloSys is a powerful, patented ingredient that’s alcohol-free to kill harmful bad breath bacteria and maintain a balanced pH level you can learn more about it at: CloSys.com (https://closys.com/).

In overall, we can see how benefits of brushing depend as much on timing as the kind of foods eaten. We can also see that both ways – pre or post-meal brushing – are fine in specific cases and we should choose them accordingly. We should meet a dentist and get more information on this to clear the doubts and achieve the desired dental health. 

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When is the Right Time for Brushing the Teeth: Before or After Meals?