The Right Nutrients for Vitality in Menopause

By on May 13, 2020
Right nutrients

As women’s bodies change with age, so do our nutritional needs. While the right nutrients from natural sources (food, water, sunlight) are generally best, those sources may not always be enough.

To be truly as healthy as you can be, you need an optimal diet. And in our busy society, full of pre-packaged, salty, sugary (but undeniably tasty) food, a healthy diet can be tough to maintain.

Wanting to provide women with a comprehensive health plan in midlife, Gennev CEO Jill Angelo asked Naturopathic Physician Dr. Wendy Ellis to formulate the most optimal pack of nutrients for women in menopause. With Dr. Ellis’ oversight, Gennev then produced a pack that was affordable, bio-available (easily absorbed by the body), and didn’t require women to choke down a pill better sized for a horse.

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In the interview below, Dr. Ellis explains the choices she made for the nutrients included, their dosage, and their source.

Why did you choose these particular nutrients?

There are many known nutrient deficiencies and health conditions associated with menopause.

In the menopausal transition, we have a significant increase in bone loss and the risk of cardiovascular disease. We may have higher requirements for nutrients needed to maintain a good health based on our genetics, medications we take (or have taken), or lifestyle factors such as a poor diet or lack of adequate exercise.

We are also affected by our environment and accumulated exposure over time.

The nutrients included in our women’s Vitality pack are based on clinical research that outlines which nutrients are commonly needed in peri- and post-menopause as estrogen levels fall and our bodies go through the natural process of aging. Other nutrients were chosen for the benefits on overall wellness to support the immune system, improve energy, reduce joint pain, and aid with stress management.

Gennev Women’s Vitality Pack

2,000IU Vitamin D3: Bone density, immune system, blood sugar support, cancer prevention, energy. 

100mg Co-Enzyme Q10: Fights fatigue

20mg Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate B6: Brain health, mood, stress support, heart health. B6 and B12 are important for women who have a long history of hormonal birth control, which can deplete B vitamins.

200mg Magnesium (Citrate): Muscle relaxant (good against cramps), good for sleep, helps with constipation. Good for stress and anxiety. It helps with blood sugar and pressure, bone density, and calcium utilization. Might help with hot flashes! Very important and most adults don’t get enough.

600mcg B-12 (Methylcobalamin): Good for mood, energy, heart health. Important for vegetarians, especially.

600mcg Folate (Magnofolate): Hot flashes, depression, heart health, mood, cancer, and dementia.

600mg N-Acetyl L-Cysteine 98.5%: Antioxidant support against environmental toxins, liver support

200IU Vitamin E Novatol: Anti-inflammatory, immune support, heart health. It also reduces the risk of some cancers, important for eye health.

300mcg Biotin: Help for hair loss and weak, brittle nails.

2,000IU Beta Carotene: Immune system and eye health

500mg Turmeric: Active nutrient curcumin is anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and brain-protective. Offsets some environmental toxins, helps with joint pain, supports brain health.

200mcg Selenomethionine: Anti-oxidant, immune system support, good for brain health.

Why these doses?

Multi-vitamins, if you consult the list of nutrients on the bottle, seems to contain a lot. And they do, but in order to make the pill manageable to swallow, many of the nutrients are in very small amounts, far below the recommendations of the RDA. 

The Gennev 5-pill pack, on the other hand, contains sufficient levels of the nutrients. The Vitality pack was created so the nutrients are complementary and safe. Says Dr. Ellis, “We cannot supplement ourselves out of a healthy diet or regular exercise, but this packet, combined with healthy lifestyle choices, focuses on helping women feel better while also addressing common health conditions associated with menopause.”

Who made them?

Supplements aren’t regulated the way medicines are, so it can be difficult to be sure you’re getting the nutrients you’re told are in the bottle.

“That’s why we asked Dr. Ellis to create the Vitality formulation,” says Jill Angelo, Gennev CEO. “We wanted to ensure we’re following cGMP practices and our product is pure, safe, sourced from trustworthy suppliers, and contains the right nutrients in the right amounts.”

The potency is also a concern, says Dr. Ellis. Many supplements lose strength over time, often before their expiry dates. Gennev’s Vitality pack doesn’t.

Learn more about Gennev’s specially formulated vitamin pack Vitality for women in midlife and menopause.

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The Right Nutrients for Vitality in Menopause