Removing Life Support

By on August 28, 2013

In any given day do you receive 446 tweets, 216 Facebook updates, 183 emails from your Linked-in or other social groups? Maybe you are feeling connected or maybe you are just feeling overwhelmed! Do you dread your inbox or hit delete before you open your email?

That’s not connecting; that’s avoiding.

Do you have 13,410 twitter followers, 717 followers on your blog, 2,691 Facebook Friends and connect with 37 groups? Even an introvert can become a social media mogul although at times it feels like it’s virtual stalking. Even if your numbers pale in comparison, your presence on various media channels can be like trying to juggle a half dozen plates while riding a unicycle.

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Genuine interaction happens between two people or a small group of individuals. While social media helps us connect, it often sabotages true efforts to really communicate on a deeper level. It’s easy to  become overwhelmed trying to keep up with the news let alone truly respond.

Strategists suggest setting aside time to respond to various social media circles and limiting contact to just during that time. There are several ways to “schedule” your comments for when you are too busy to be physically present but still want to virtually connect. I am just as guilty as I use HootSuite to share information when I know I will be involved in activities that will prevent me from sharing in real time.

I’ve met very interesting people who I truly call my “friends” via social media groups. I enjoy opportunities to connect with many of them, but it has become clearer each day, that to remain transparent and sincere, I need to take regular disconnects from social media.

Some might call this social suicide but realistically if people call themselves friends or even followers, they should remain loyal and understand the need for all of us to remove ourselves from the grasp of social media on a regular basis to recharge, re-adjust and renew our perspective.

In this digital age, we are constantly bombarded with updates, newsflashes, and a steady stream of information. Our senses can barely sleep as our smart phones indicate the latest news, weather alerts or latest tweet. We have 24 hour access to constant interaction but sometimes I think at least I function better when I have moments of quiet reflection and minimal involvement with all the content. I certainly gain more clarity when I remove myself from the constant media barrage.

Like a mommy who needs some ‘mommy time’ away from her precious darlings, I feel much the same.

In other words; I still love you, but I need some alone time for just me!

So, I have decided to begin to honor a Three Day Event EVERY MONTH  where I will PULL THE PLUG from any media connection. I might be tempted to want to post a great photo or comment on a hot topic, but I will instead remember, not only is silence golden, but I will be adding riches to my life by realizing, before Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, RSS feeds, email, Klout, Instagram and Pinterest, there were and still are many great ways to connect with all the wonders of life, just minus the speed and clamor.

I’d love for you to see what a THREE DAY PULL THE PLUG might do for you. I hope you will join me on the journey and share what you learned about the world without instant access. I’ll still have my phone, just without the email and other media access.

When’s Yours?

Believing you will damage some part of your life by being inaccessible to media outlets for THREE DAYS is just silly. I am delighted to have made your acquaintance on social media and I hope we get to know each other better and in the process share our real addresses or phone numbers or maybe even someday meet in person and probably both be better at doing that after we PULL THE PLUG.

I will return online late next week from somewhere in paradise, where  Pulling the Plug is not only encouraged but is essential to taking in the amazing wonders and beauty around us we sometimes overlook because we spend so much time looking at the computer screen.

Gonna join me in a Digital Sabbath? I hope so.

Now…It’s time to get packing!


Originally posted on Finding Your Fire.

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Removing Life Support