Chaos to Castles

By on August 28, 2013
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By Karen Gardner DeArmond –

Come. Come away with me. Listen to my voice. Pulling her into the desert, he begins speaking softly to her, pouring out his heart.

O’ how I have loved you, even as you gave yourself to other men. You turned your eyes from me and sought satisfaction in another man’s arms. My love was not enough for you, yet I waited knowing one day you would come back.

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I am the one who gave you everything. The jewels, the clothes and all money could buy. You thought your lovers gave it to you but it was me. In my anger I took it all away. It was obvious you forgot all about me. Your lovers used and abused you, yet I stayed faithful, waiting for you to realize all you had, came from me. But you were oblivious and selfish. You could not see or did not want to see these men did not care for you or about you. You were a chattel to satisfy their lust.

Come. Come away with me. I will transform your life from chaos to castles. Give yourself to me as you did when you were young. Remember when I freed you from the tyrant who would have destroyed you?

I am your husband, your Ishi. You are not my slave, I am not your master. I will wipe away the many names of men from your lips. I am making a covenant with you today to be your husband and protector. I will keep away any man who would seek to destroy you. You will live without fear nipping at your heels. You will live in peace and safety.

I vow to make you my wife forever. I will treat you with honor and consideration. I will show you unfailing love and compassion. I will be faithful to you and make you mine and you will finally know me as husband.

The story of Gomer in Hosea is a powerful story of betrayal and redemption. Have you been unfaithful to God? Have you run to the many lovers who would entice you with the pleasures of this world? Though at sixteen I asked Jesus into my heart, I was still insecure and sought approval from men. When the first man showed me attention I ran into his arms and lived a chaotic life of abuse.

He was my master, not my husband. I lived a life of terror, without peace or safety. There was no honor, consideration, love or compassion. Only chaos.

Masters are selfish and seek only after their own desires. They will use and abuse you. Destroying you in the process.

One day, I listened to the voice calling me back to him. I came when he called. He led me into the desert, speaking tenderly, reminding me who I really was. Over five years he transformed my life from a valley of trouble into a gateway to hope….from Chaos to Castles.

His love was extravagant, he gave not to get but to pour but gave everything for me. His words evoked my beauty. Everything he did was designed to bring the best out of me. He dressed me in dazzling white silk, made me radiant with his holiness (Ephesians 5:2, 25 – 28 MSG).

I gave myself to him as I did when I was young, when he freed me from captivity. I called him my husband, my Ishi. He wiped away lies from my lips. He surrounded me and protected me from anyone or anything that would cause me harm. He led me to a place of safety and peace where I could live unafraid―his castle.

He made me his wife forever, showed me honor and consideration. He overwhelmed me with his unfailing love and compassion. He made me his and I finally knew him as LORD.

All that was taken away from me was restored. I was no longer unloved and alone. I belonged to him.

One day, he brought a man into my life, whose heart was firmly planted in His. A man who made me his wife forever, who honors me, shows me consideration, unfailing love and compassion. He vowed his faithfulness and made me his September 5, 2010. Now I know him as my husband. My Ishi.

You too can go from chaos to castles by allowing God, who loves you with an unfailing love to redeem your life. All he did for me he wants to do for you. Will you choose him? Will you call him husband? If you listen closely you can hear him calling.

Come. Come away with me.

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Karen DeArmond Gardner: I found myself in my early 50′s shattered, divorced and without a job – moving to a new state to begin over again. There were times I thought the “start would stop me.” I had no clue what my purpose was and quite frankly thought I had messed up so bad that even God couldn’t put my life back together again. Within the last 6 years I started a new career, enjoyed being single, became a grandmother, reconnected with my family and at 57 I married the most amazing man ever. Because God never does anything small, He asks me to step out of my box and begin writing. Only God….if He did this for me, He will do it for you. Join us on the journey to discover Your Purpose Now.


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Chaos to Castles