Remove Everything Toxic from Your Life. Literally

By on July 21, 2020

When people think about removing toxic things from their lives, they often think of stress, ill-intentioned people, or their social media accounts.

However, today we will be focusing on removing the things that are literally toxic for you. Many of the products we use every day can have nasty side effects later down the line. For this reason, we will be looking at the most common toxic household products and some great natural replacements for them.

Plastic Wraps

Plastic is everywhere. It pollutes our oceans, beaches, and our cities. At this point, finding alternatives is no longer just an option.

natural sunscreen with zinc oxide

This is especially concerning when using plastic wrap to store your food. Plastic particles can fall from the wrap and contaminate the things you eat – and it happens a lot

Of course, you’ll still need something to wrap your foods in when putting them in the fridge or transporting them. We recommend searching for food-grade resealable silicone bags, as they offer you the same benefits without any of the downsides. Alternatively, you could also opt for infused cotton wraps that are biodegradable and compostable.


If there ever came any good out of the not-so-long-ago Tide Pod challenge, is that more and more people have started to realize just how toxic detergent can be. 

Next time you wash your clothes, you might want to check out some of the new brands that offer a completely natural and non-toxic solution. But dishwasher detergent is even worse than detergent made for washing clothes.

Regular dishwasher detergent from Cascade, Finish, or other well-known brands often has a combination of chemicals that you wouldn’t want to eat under any circumstances. So why are you washing the dishes with it? Well, that’s because you’ve probably never known that reliable non-toxic dishwasher detergent exists.

Cooking Oil

Cooking oil may not be toxic in the sense that it kills you, but it sure as hell does help to put unwanted fat on your belly and thighs.

Oh, and oil might also increase the chances of heart attack, which is especially concerning if you’re over 50 years old. Well, there’s an alternative for that too. Or a few alternatives to be more precise. 

What we recommend the most is algae oil because it has a much higher smoke point than olive or sunflower oil. Apart from maintaining healthier health, it also provides you with the advantage of no longer triggering the smoke alarm.


Makeup is one of the main factors that make your skin grow older than it should. Baggy eyes, wrinkles, and so many more effects of classic makeup can now be avoided thanks to the emerging organic brands.

Do yourself a favor and replace your current makeup setup with a completely natural one. Sure, chances are it will not hold up as well, but at least you’ll have healthier skin in the long run. Speaking of makeup, the utensils you use with it matter just as much, so make sure to also get natural alternatives for them as well.


Why do we as a society keep accepting sugar in our products? It’s the leading cause of child obesity, increased heart rate, blood pressure, diabetes, and so much more.

Consider replacing sugar and sugary goods with Medjool syrup. It’s naturally sweet, low on the glycemic index, and extremely rich in nutrients. You’ll still get that kick from your sweet tooth but with none of the downsides. A good deal if you ask us.

The bottom line

There are many other products that you might be using which contain toxic chemicals. We’ve listed the products mostly used by women over 50.

Consider taking a good look around your house and replacing everything that might be dangerous with a natural and organic alternative. You’ll enjoy much better health down the line after doing so.

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Remove Everything Toxic from Your Life. Literally