Reflections on the Road to 50

By on May 20, 2016
Reflections of the road to 50

By Tammy Dickerson –

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These are the first words that come to mind when I think of my journey to 50. WOW, what a ride! I described myself once to a friend as a “whirlwind”…  the everlasting movement of wind and spirit. Allowing the wind to take me wherever my spirit wanted to travel.  And travel it did!

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My journey started in the south−Jackson, Mississippi−one of the poorest states in the country. The south molded me with charm, grace, family and good eating. But I knew early in life I would not stay. There was a big world out there and this small southern town was only the beginning for me. I think starting my life in Mississippi has and will continue to prepare me for the rest of my life. The things that I learned, saw and experienced in the first decade of my life prepared me to be able to truly withstand anything!

I think from age 10-20 were my hardest years. I was popular but not well liked, or so I thought. I started working at 13, bought my first car at 15, went to college and had my own apartment by 18 and by 20 I was in love. No time for actually “living life” just living.  

My 20’s were amazing! I was determined and headstrong. Success was not an option but a way of life. Now I was living life. I went up the corporate ladder very fast, traveled the world and began to set sites on my future. I found love a few times, but nothing stuck. But I found something better, God. I began to understand and love the need for church.  

My 30’s were my quest period and one of both personal and professional growth. I stepped out on faith, leaving a great corporate job at Coca Cola to start my own event production firm The Baker Group. Who new 15 years later that I would work with countless celebrities and have produced more than 200 events that have included several US Presidents and international dignitaries.

By the time I celebrated 40 I was finally happy. I was now blessed with a husband and a good life. My climb up the corporate ladder had taken a different turn to entrepreneurship. My life with God was solid and I finally saw the light. I understood his power and glory.  I experienced his love and grace as he blessed me with a beautiful, healthy baby girl at 42.  When the doctors said it was impossible, I experienced his miracle after 28 hours in labor!  Kylie Dakota, my new love, my Angel.

I thought I knew all I had to know by 25, but by 45, I could not believe what the world was still teaching me. What I still wanted to learn. What I wanted to teach. My 40’s have been like being in college again. But like college, I feel like my 40’s was just one step to furthering my education. I feel like my 50’s will be like grad school or better yet medical or law school! Preparing to enter this new decade in my life has been the most fulfilling and the most purposeful.  

I care more about my family, my life and my purpose on this earth. What has God called me to do? Where am I to go? What am I to do? I openly embrace 50 with wide arms and an open heart and mind. I am excited about being the very best me I can be, in mind, body and spirit. I feel like this stop on my journey called life is a critical one. This is a crossroads, one in which will set the tone for my existence and legacy.

I want to live, love, and learn bigger than I ever have before. I am eager to get started, so let’s do this thing! Here I come “Ms. 50”.


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Reflections on the Road to 50