Red, White And Boomer – Presidential Election 2012

By on July 1, 2012

By Nancy Shonka Padberg –

Politicians and the media’s attention will be on consumers ages 47-67 (Baby Boomers) this year for the Presidential election. Occasionally, I still have to educate young media buyers on this significant demographic — not sure what marketing classes are teaching in colleges these days. How does a marketing or media curriculum overlook the significance of 78 million individuals holding 70% of the U.S. wealth?

Political consciousness and activism consumed the influential years of this giant generation. Baby Boomers grew up with the threat of a nuclear attack, redefining women’s roles, the Vietnam War and social justice for the oppressed. Voting, speaking up and showing up is in their DNA.

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Election 2012 – 2 Key Areas at Stake for Baby Boomers

Health Issues. Baby Boomers will find a way to improve their health and extend vitality. Have you noticed the proliferation of products and services in recent years? Viagra, anti-age creams, health spas, Porsche and Mercedes as dream cars, pharmaceuticals, colonoscopies, fitness centers, nip-and-tuck surgeries and medical travel to name a few.

Health concerns include:

  • Their own health
  • Their spouse’s health
  • Parents’ health and well- being because they are caregivers.
  • Health access
  • Health costs
  • Health policies
  • Health insurance

Wealth. Baby Boomers have done financially better than their parents (Silent Generation), on average achieving higher incomes and accumulated wealth.

Wealth concerns include:

  • Social Security
  • Wealth Preservation
  • Inheritance laws
  • Tax laws
  • Social programs
  • Health care costs

Baby Boomers have long been activists and politically involved. I can assure you this election will be no different – just due to shear size of this grand group. What’s different is how politicians reach them with their advertising messages. Boomers spend more time online each week than Gen X or Y. They are researching health issues online, planning trips, playing brain games and staying socially connected. And note they are also the largest demographic group purchasing tablets.

Indeed, Baby Boomers will rock the vote. They are the knowledge generation reinventing themselves as well as writing software programs, drawing blue prints for homes, consulting, marketing, doctoring, inspiring others and changing history because they have the most at stake.

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Red, White And Boomer – Presidential Election 2012