Reasons Retirees Are Still Flocking to Florida

By on September 27, 2017

Retired individuals often move from their long-time homes and relocate in areas that have warmer climates, lower tax rates, and communities with more senior citizens. Newer retirement hubs in Delaware and Arizona have developed over recent years, but there’s still a large proportion of retirees heading straight to the state of Florida. First and foremost, finding a realtor in Tampa who is well acquainted with the needs of retirees is not hard to do. There are active communities that are exclusive to older people, recreational centers that cater to seniors, and even shopping and dining areas that are filled with nothing but retirees. If you need more information on why seniors are still heading to Florida in droves, read on below.

The Mild and Warm Weather

Florida is called the ‘Sunshine State’ for obvious reasons. This southern state has pleasant weather all year long, which is an attractive benefit to seniors for many reasons. First, retirees who have health issues can benefit from living in milder climates. Secondly, seniors living in Florida don’t have to worry about shoveling snow or salting their walkways as there are virtually no snowstorms. Milder weather conditions make it easier for them to drive wherever they need to go all year round and more time can be spent outdoors when it doesn’t get too hot or cold.

Being Surrounded by Peers

Seniors tend to stay put in their homes located in their hometowns, at least until they feel that their family is completely settled. In that time, their neighborhoods can change, with long-time neighbors selling their homes to new residents. The entire landscape of a neighborhood can change in less than 10 years and when all their fellow retired neighbors move on, some other retirees feel the need to follow suit. When seniors move to Florida, it is often because they want to live around people their own age. They have more things in common and it is easier for them to make new friends.

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It’s an Inexpensive Place to Live

Florida has very low real estate taxes, which is why many retirees from New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and all over the Northeast move there. After selling their original homes, they can move to a newly constructed condo in a building where all maintenance is included for way less than they were paying in property taxes up North. Retirees not only need an income to pay their bills and live; they also want to leave some money behind for their families. By moving to Florida, they can lower their monthly expenses, live very comfortably, and know that there will be a surplus leftover for their final expenses and inheritance for their families.

When you retire, you don’t want to have to worry about any of the little things anymore. Taking care of your home should be easy and much of your time should be spent doing what you want. Moving to Florida is a goal that loads of senior citizens set for themselves and this trend is expected to stay the same for decades to come.

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Reasons Retirees Are Still Flocking to Florida