Reasons for Divorce and Its Impact

By on June 10, 2019

In a world that moves so fast, sometimes we find that we have moved on from those around us. We often find that we have moved on from our childhood friends or work colleagues based on our life circumstances. The worst relationships to find ourselves moving away from in the hectic schedules is our family ties, worst of all is our spouse and divorce.

Unfortunately, the rate of divorce has increased many folds in today’s world. The statistics show that the number of divorced couples is increasing each year. In the current year 2019, the USA ranks tenth place in the world for the most divorces. It’s indeed a horrible issue that tells how sore the couples’ mutual relationships are. So, it’s necessary to identify the main causes of divorce and the ultimate consequences it brings on the behavior of a society.

Why Married Couples Separate

We are all becoming very independent and self-reliant. This rising trend is dangerous as it affects the next generation: the children, who lead a life of deprivation until they become self-sufficient. The question of how the rate of divorce will impact their view on relationships and other people, in general, is one considered by many doctors.

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Every relationship and situation is unique. Challenges facing the family vary, however, the common grounds used to end the marriage include the most  “popular”, infidelity. 

Another reason is the expectation that spouses have of each other. Nobody is perfect, and when spouses place too much expectation on each other, they create a recipe for disaster. When the other person in the relationship fails to deliver based on the expectations held internally, it creates fractures in the relationship. Expectations may be from books read as a child, relationships in the past or movies we watch today. An imperfect person will never measure up to the perfect imagination!

Financial hardship or inequality can magnify the stress and challenges facing a marriage. Some women claim that their husband’s earnings are not sufficient to support their family properly. Living with the fear of losing your house, car or the consequences is draining on the individual. These fears then ripple through the relationship between spouses and the entire family unit.  Some men struggle with their ego and pride impacted when their wife’s earnings exceed their own. This often breaks the unity between a husband and wife.

Among other typical reasons is domestic violence. Some men and women are overly aggressive and may beat or abuse their spouse and children. No matter the fears of being alone or the worry of failing your marriage, abuse is something that just is not tolerated, and grounds for divorce. One of the factors of such behavior may include the use of alcohol or drugs, which should include a recovery method for the family member struggling.

Effects of Divorcing

Children are the first and most important victims of a divorce. Seeing the breakup of the family and the foundation of their existence is a huge stress. Inevitably this stress negatively impacts them, if only due to them not knowing how to express and deal with their emotions. Such children are vulnerable to multiple mental and physical diseases and deprivations.

Children, whose parents are divorced, tend to experience depression, have poor social skills, experience academic difficulties and suffer from behavioral problems. By considering the children, you can find mutual respect for your spouse and live harmoniously under the same roof. You may start to like your spouse again when you stop bickering and fighting,

Can divorce be prevented?

There are various contributing factors that lead to divorce, however, where there is a will and desire to find common ground, the common ground can be found. Unfortunately, it does take two to make the relationship and marriage to work. If one person within the marriage is determined to end things, it can be very difficult to mend the relationship. Start by writing an essay or letter and getting your thoughts, feelings on paper. Writing a letter to your spouse gives you the opportunity to rewrite, rephrase and ensure that the right message shines through. 

Everything depends on those who are married. If both partners really want to remain together, they will withstand any challenge. Practice patience and understand that there are no perfect relationships including your marriage.


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Reasons for Divorce and Its Impact