How to Care for a Family Member as They Age

By on June 10, 2019
Family Member

Whether it is a parent or some other dear family member, caring for a relative as they age can put a lot of stress on you. You may have children or a busy job to care for, yet you don’t want to abandon a relative and leave them feeling isolated and alone. If you want to know how to help your elderly relation as they age, you are in the right place.

Put Them in Touch with a Legal Expert

The elderly can often be left feeling confused by well-meaning folk who just want to help them out. Whether it is another relative who thinks they know best or a telephone salesman who is just a little bit too pushy, there are many out there who could disrupt your relation’s peace and just leave them more frustrated.

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Find a local legal firm with elderly care solicitors who your relative can consult with when they feel a little too stressed. These solicitors are patient and willing to give out legal advice as your family member needs it. They can even help with securing financial advice about how to best manage their income if needs be.

Consider Care

If your family member is beginning to struggle a little around their home, you should consider looking into getting a little care for them. Depending on their needs, this could mean a variety of things. If they are still quite independent, or unwilling to move from their home, you could get them a carer. A carer can drop by in the mornings and evenings to help them with a few daily chores and do a little cleaning around the house. If your relative has lost quite a bit of independence, they may even require a live-in carer.

You could also consider moving them to sheltered housing or a care home. Speak to your relation and find out what they would like the most. If they want to stay in their own home, it is important that you try to fulfill their wishes as best as you can.

Spend Time with Them

Loneliness amongst the elderly can be a real problem and you want to make sure that the emotional needs of your relative are being met, even if you are in another part of the country. Try to phone them at least once a week. It might not seem like much but it can really make all the difference to their mental well-being.

If you do live nearby, why not offer to help them with their weekly shop? It will get them out of the home and able to spend a little time with you. You can surreptitiously check that they are eating sensibly and healthily, and you could even take them for a coffee afterward. It is a lovely and easy way to spend time together.

Caring for elderly relations can be difficult to squeeze in around your own lifestyle, but there are always some easy changes you can make which will suit both of you. Start planning together how you can care for the best now.


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How to Care for a Family Member as They Age