How a Personal Trainer Can Help Women Over 50 Lose Weight

Lose weight

Do you feel like the more time you spend in the gym, the more difficult it is to lose weight? Have you reached a plateau where you can’t seem to shift those extra pounds? Or do you struggle to maintain consistency in an exercise regime and therefore fail to meet your weight loss goals? 

If your aim is to reach and maintain a healthy weight, why not try hiring a personal trainer? Working with a fitness professional is the strategy you need to transform your weight loss journey. Make a start to success with a personal trainer for weight loss. Here’s how they can help. 

They Help You Set Goals

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It is not healthy or sustainable to set yourself a goal of losing an excessive amount of weight in a short time. Not only is it bad for your physical and psychological health, but it is also simply impossible to achieve. You may lose weight, but you will put it back on again as soon as you dial down your exercise intensity. Or you may simply fail to meet any of your lofty goals. Personal trainers see this happen so often. Someone decides to overhaul their entire life overnight. They plan to cut down on calories, go to the gym for an hour a day, drink gallons of water and ditch the car. After a few days, the whole plan is out of the window. 

Personal trainers help you set smaller goals that add up to the bigger aims you want to achieve over time. They help you decide what is realistic and attainable. Small steps, taken consistently in the right direction, add up to measurable changes, whether those changes are linked to weight or other aspects of fitness.  

They Motivate and Inspire

Losing weight over a long period of time is not easy. While you are working towards your goals, a personal trainer checks in with you to provide motivation and encouragement when you feel like you can’t do it anymore. They inspire you to be better and try harder, even when it feels like you can’t make a difference. They remind you of your overall goal and how you can work in the present to get to your ideal weight in the future. 

They Provide Nutrition Advice

Healthy weight loss is not all about exercise. You won’t maintain a healthy body when you are not eating in the right way. A personal trainer advises you on the best way to eat for your shape, lifestyle, and energy levels. If you ever feel tempted to over-indulge in chips and burgers, beer and ice cream, you’ll think about their motivating words and make more healthful choices. Good nutrition also fuels your workouts, so you feel better in the gym and are less likely to get injured. 

They Help with Strength Training

People often make the mistake of thinking weight loss is only linked to cardiovascular exercise. Strength training is vital for sustained weight loss. It means you build muscle mass, which is more efficient and helps burn more calories. A personal trainer knows how to build strength training into a fitness routine.

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How a Personal Trainer Can Help Women Over 50 Lose Weight
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