Finding the Perfect Photographer

By on August 23, 2019
Perfect Photographer

A photographer should be talented, trustworthy, and totally creative! The perfect photographer.frames shots, and sees the perfect motion. Locating a perfect photographer can feel like unicorn hunting. We usually realize the selection error after the fact, and when you trying to capture the moment, it doesn’t happen twice!

To make the claim of a professional photographer these days so easy. So what the perfect photographer offer as a service? Here is what to look for;

A Portfolio

Photographing families is different from photographing weddings, wildlife or corporate work. View the photographer’s website and portfolios to see what they tend to capture. Photography is subjective, so consider the photographer’s style. Take a critical look at lighting. Light makes or breaks a photograph, and often, the most strikingly beautiful images are beautiful because of how the photographer used light.

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Truly a Professional

Many photographers that you find are weekend warriors with day jobs that don’t include photography. Why does this matter? If you are going to spend money, why shouldn’t you get the best value for your money spent?

This isn’t always the case, but often, full-time photographers are more likely to be reliable, responsive and fast. They have backup equipment in case of camera failure or computer issues. A full-time photographer is more likely to be operating legally as a business, be technically competent and be consistently investing in professional development. They may be more expensive due to the additional investments, but the perfect photographer will be a resource for years to come.

PhotographerConsider your setting

There are four settings to consider:

  • studio (on backdrops)
  • studio environmental (in the studio, but using real furniture, decor on the walls or architectural elements)
  • in your home
  • outdoors

Some photographers work only on location while others will only work only in a studio with backdrops. Think about the setting you prefer, as well as your timing constraints. If you prefer outdoor photography, you may still need a photographer who also has studio access so that you have a rain plan.

Does your photographer offer design assistance, retouching, and printed artwork

Some photographers will sit with you after the session to review images together, allowing you to order portraits on different print media or with custom framing. Use the artistic flair that these photographers have to assist you. They can help you identify the best places in your home to hang wall portraits. 

Getting some retouches from the photographer will enhance your pictures. As beautiful as you are, sometimes a little enhancement will go a long way. You want to be 100% happy with your investment for years to come.


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Finding the Perfect Photographer