The Perfect Eyebrows at 50 Plus

By on July 11, 2016

When we are fifty plus we concentrate on eating healthy, exercise, hair, nails, clothes, shoes and more. But sometimes the simplest tricks create the biggest difference in our overall appearance with minimal costs.

Eyebrow trends continue to change with almost every decade. We have gone from barely there, straight – thin penciled,  dark heavily tweeted with a pronounced curve, prominently arched thick and heavy, lush and shaped, shaved off drawn on with think strokes, naturally shaped, bushy, all sized yet tweezed, bold, and once again back to barely there.

How do I get the look?

natural sunscreen with zinc oxide
  • Tweeze
  • Wax
  • Threading
  • Semi-permanent make-up

How do they compare?



Technique-Choose sharp slanted tweezers style. Best time to Tweeze after a shower. Repeat approximately every six weeks, some hair may not grow back at all. This technique may be painful and tedious.

Cost-Approximately $10


Tool-Cotton thread

Technique-The cotton thread traps hair lifts out of the follicle.

  • Gentle, sanitary, painless.
  • There is no burning or peeling with irritation.
  • The hair grows back finer and slower. This method of hair removal takes about 5-10 minutes to complete.
  • Repeat about every 2-3 weeks.


Eyebrow Waxing

Tools-Professional Eyebrow Waxing Kits may be purchased for home use for approximately $5.99-$20.00

Technique– Be confident of the shape you desire before you being the waxing process.

Use scissors to trim the excess hair outside of the brown shape, so they brow is easily defined.

Wash the brow using the pre-wax cleaner. Then using the warm waxing cream apply then gently place the strips until it has slightly hardened. Remove the strips. The waxing cream is the most gentle and sensitive for your skin.

The Best Way to Wax

Use a professional to wax for you. Take the time to talk to your waxing professional before you begin there should d be a clear understanding of the shape you desire.

Pull your hair back away from your face.

The professional will begin to trim the brow with scissors to define the brow shape. Next the professional will apply a brow cleanser, powder, and then the warm wax and strips.

Give the wax a few minutes to harden and the professional will remove the strips quickly.

Once the wax strips have been removed the wax cleaner will be applied to remove any residue.

A skin soother will be applied to help reduce the redness and to calm your skin.

If you are happy with the results, your professional will expect a return visit from you every 3-5 weeks.

Costs-Vary $20-$50

Semi Permanent Make Up

Tools-Requires Professional Artist

Technique-Takes approximately 39 minutes. Once completed they may peel slightly. This technique requires a one month touch up, 6- month touch up, 1-year touch up. The application fades away naturally over a 2 year time period.

Cost-Approximately $350, touch ups may run in the range of $35 each.
Advantage if there have been health issues it cuts down on makeup routine.
Disadvantage it is difficult to change until the application fades; results can vary from artist to artist.

Additional Helpful Eyebrow Tools

Choose a shape. The shape should align with the bridge of your nose.

After drawing eyebrow the shape, use a brush for life and create volume.

Fill in the eyebrow before plucking. The arch should be about three quarters back from the nose, taper the brow following the angle of the eye.

Best to use a low oil pencil. Fill the brow between the front end and inner arch.

Creates a cleanly defined brow. Pomade may be used as a primer to color, sculpture, and shading. Apply the pomade with an angle brush, outline and fill the eyebrow.

Used to remove stray hairs

Experts do not recommend hair dye. Dying is best left to an expert.
The semi-permanent vegetable dye lasts approximately 3 weeks costs range $15-50

Select a color same shade as eyebrows or 1 shade darker to appear fuller.
Translucent Powder
Apply to finish and set brow pencil

Pain-To reduce tweezers pain apply baby  teething medication before you start tweezing
Redness-Use an over-the-counter cortisone cream
Over pluck-Wait three weeks or brush on an eyebrow conditioner

Lexi Knight is a freelance writer. She travels the world in search of the perfect eyebrows.


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The Perfect Eyebrows at 50 Plus