People Hitting Their Stride at 50, 60 and Beyond!

By on June 4, 2014
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By Alexandra Ashton –

Some of the most exciting people you meet today are people who over 50 years old – People who are doing well in their second half or septuagenarian years.  Many have great wisdom and great stories.

This infographic below details people in the world who have done great feats during their “golden years”. From the field of the arts to medicine to academics to literature, the list shows us that just because we may be older doesn’t mean we can’t still do the things we planned or dreamed of doing.  Where there is a will and a vision, it’s never too late to fulfill your dreams and passions.

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The infographic is proof that you can do great things at any age; even during or through some of the most difficult and challenging times of your life as some of the people featured in the infographic have done.

Inforgraphic 10 People Whose Lives Began at 60

The Infographic author –, designed by NeoMam Studios, based in the Manchester, UK.


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People Hitting Their Stride at 50, 60 and Beyond!