Paying Less for Prescription Drugs

By on October 10, 2018
Paying less for prescription medications

Prescription drug prices in the United States are the highest in the world, and an estimated 45 million Americans didn’t fill a prescription in 2016 because the cost was too high. Even if you have health insurance from an employer or a government program like Medicare, you might not be immune to these rising costs. Sudden job loss, an unforeseen diagnosis, or an insurance provider dropping medication from their formulary can all leave patients with a hefty financial burden. 

If your medication is tough to budget for or you’re just looking to save a little extra each month, try these tips for dealing with high prescription drug prices.

Ask About Generics

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When a new medication is developed, patent protections allow only one company to manufacture and sell the drug. With no competition, new brand-name drugs are often very expensive. But after patents expire, the market opens up to generic equivalents made by other companies. These generic drugs contain the same chemical ingredients as their brand-name counterparts, but for a much lower price. 

Switching to generic drugs can save you hundreds of dollars each year. If your doctor prescribes something that’s only available as a branded product, ask if there’s a similar generic you can try first. Most doctors will look for a treatment option within your budget if you’re honest about cost concerns. 

Splitting Doses

If your medication is available in different doses, you may be able to save money by buying a higher dose and splitting pills. Your doctor will have to prescribe you the higher dose, and definitely needs to be on board with this cost-saving solution. This method requires a little more work on your part, with splitting pills becoming part of your daily or weekly routine.

Splitting doses isn’t an option for all medications. Drugs that come in liquid-filled capsules or extended release tablets with special coatings can’t be safely split in two.  

Try Different Pharmacies

The price you pay at retail pharmacies is determined by arrangements between pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, and middlemen called pharmacy benefit managers. Customers are mostly in the dark about what goes on between these players, and their complicated relationships can lead to varying prices at different retail locations. 

Before you pay what seems like an unreasonably high price, get a price quote from one or two other pharmacies. If this is a drug your doctor prescribes often, they might have a specific recommendation for where you can find a lower price.

Buy in Bulk

Ordering medication in a 90-day supply instead of the standard 30 days may come at a better price value. Depending on your insurance provider, your co-payment for the larger supply may be less than paying for a 30-day supply three separate times. 

Canadian Pharmacy’s

If you don’t have health insurance or take a brand-name drug that isn’t covered by your provider, these tips may not be enough to make your medication affordable. 

There are Canadian prescription referral services that helps patients in the U.S. access lower priced medication from licensed pharmacies in Canada and around the world. The same brand-name drugs you purchase from your local pharmacy may be significantly less expensive in other countries. Prices can vary, but patients can save up to 80% even after factoring in co-pay. These pharmacy’s allow anyone from the USA to order as long as they have a valid prescription from their doctor. 

In addition to saving money, using RxConnected eliminates time spent traveling and waiting in line at local pharmacies. After placing an order online or over the phone, just send in your prescription and payment information and medication is delivered directly to your door. With a perfect safety record and a flat shipping fee, RxConnected is a safe and affordable alternative to rising prescription drug prices. 

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Paying Less for Prescription Drugs