Osteoporosis- Gardening is Good For Your Bones

By on April 1, 2013

A live in Carer can assist you with the gardening and help you create something beautiful in your own back yard, with the added benefit of increased health.

Many of our live in Carers are often placed on an Engagement where they are there to assist people who suffer from Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease where the bone density becomes less, weakening the strength of bones, leaving them susceptible to fracture or crumbling. It occurs more frequently in women who are post-menopausal and approximately one woman in four will experience what is termed accelerated loss, which can result in fractures in the event of a fall. Other factors that may increase the risk include smoking, poor diet,  an overactive thyroid,  steroid treatment or lack of exercise. The live in Carer is there to help a Client maintain independence in their own home and to assist with the tasks that they struggle with due to the disabling condition. These can include helping in and out of the bath, cleaning or gardening. It is known that exercise and activity can help increase bone density. Research carried out to measure bone density in tennis players revealed that the favoured playing arm had a higher bone density that the arm not used. This suggests that the more we exercise the muscles, ligaments and tendons, the denser (and therefore stronger) our bones will be.

imagesCAPMS116In addition to getting out and about in the garden, being outside exposes us to more sunlight, increasing our vitamin D levels, which is also good for maintaining bone health. Whilst not all of us are able to carry out tasks such as digging or mowing anymore, just getting up out of the chair and moving around to do a bit of potting or pruning can all have a beneficial effect on not only our bones but our general circulation and health.

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So how can the live in carer help? Well, they can assist you with getting in and out of the garden if access is an issue. They can help you move or lift things so you are able to do the potting or reach up high to finishing the pruning. After a day working in the garden, there could be nothing nicer than sitting back and relaxing in your beautiful garden with your Live-in Carer for companionship to talk about all you have achieved. How lovely to be able to make healthy nutritional meals from vegetables you have grown together!

A live in Carer can not only help you tend your garden, they can escort you on trips to the garden centre to buy what you need, or take you out for the day to visit local stately homes and gardens to see how the professionals do it. At Otus, we not only find you an experienced and skilled live in Carer but we also find a Carer that shares your interests and hobbies so you can enjoy the time that they spend with you.

Otus-Square-logo21Otus live in Care introduce live in cares to clients to meet specific preferences and requirements. To find out more about how a Personal live in carer can help you retain your independence and remain in your own home, please visit our website 

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Osteoporosis- Gardening is Good For Your Bones