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By on September 12, 2012

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OK…deep breath…GETTING ORGANIZED. It feels totally overwhelming doesn’t it? Putting systems in place is half the battle, but keeping them up wins the war. I don’t know about you, but I feel very unsettled, and have trouble concentrating if my surroundings are not in order.

A few years ago I hired an organizer, Marcie Baker Turrin of Ship Shape Houston to help put a few organizational systems in place. She did a wonderful job, and I found that I got more done with someone spurring me along, in addition to knowing that I was paying an hourly rate. I didn’t want to waste a minute!

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Five years later, I am still using many of the tools that Marcie suggested, namely the Pendaflex 1-31 organizer. This is seriously the best organizational tool I have ever seen.

Open to a certain day, I have a wedding!

Like many of you, I am inundated with invitations, notices, and random papers that can easily become piles on my desk. The 1-31 changed all of that! It is a flat accordion file that takes up minimal space, and has slots for each day of the month. You slide in what you need to do on a particular day, be it a party invitation, bills to pay, or a reminder to yourself. You simply open to that day, and your daily tasks or places to be are all organized in a central location. No more random papers and invitations floating around your desk or kitchen, and no more piles! The 1-31 has become the hub of my office.

I have been using my 1-31 religiously, and I can truly say that this small item changed my organizational life. Trust me, you need it! This also makes a great gift for a sister, mother, MIL, or friend. They will love you, even more! Order now from our Amazon store!

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Best Organizing Tool Ever!