My God Dog

By on August 9, 2013
Andrea Sharp with her dog Apollo

By Andrea Sharp –

My dog Apollo is amazing! He is a black lab/shepherd mix, with a white mark on his chest in the shape of a cross.  Apollo is smart, obedient and loving.  He stays beside me no matter where I go.  If I go upstairs, Apollo goes with me.  If I go from one room to another, he accompanies me.  He is my constant companion.

He is also a wonderful protector.  His deep, ominous bark intimidates anyone who visits until I assure Apollo that their okay.

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The problem is that sometimes I nearly trip over him because I don’t remember he’s there all the time.

One day as I was praying I said to the Lord, “Lord, it would be so nice if I could just see you here with me and you could physically hold my hand.  Why is it that we can’t see you, yet we have the promise that you’re always here?”  The answer I got was in our dog Apollo.

Sometimes when Apollo is right under my feet I get irritated and short with him.  His persistent nearby presence sometimes causes me to stumble and trip over him. “Give me a break Apollo!  Do you always have to be right beside me?!”  I have been known to exclaim that numerous times.  With that it occurred to me… I bet that’s why we can’t see Jesus beside us at all times.

Our human nature would get impatient with his never ending presence.  If we could see Him always we would certainly be saying things such as, “Lord, do you think we could take a break for a while?”  Or maybe, “I’d really appreciate it if you would just give me a few minutes by myself.”   Because God is the ultimate gentleman, He would be sure to acquiesce to our requests and leave our side.

Oh…may it never be!  God knows our desperate need for His undivided attention all too well, so He remains invisible.  His presence is no less real because we don’t see Him.

Friend, may you never doubt God’s company with you at every turn.  And if you ever need a reminder of His faithfulness, just borrow my God Dog Apollo for a day!

About Andrea Sharp

Andrea Sharp is an inspirational speaker, author, teacher, and life/health coach who truly connects with the hearts of everyone she touches through her infectious smile and genuine personality. Andrea has been married for twenty-three years to her college sweetheart, Matt. They have been blessed with three sons, Clay, Jaden and Landon. Andrea’s book, ‘Seeds of Encouragement’ is a compilation of short stories. Her second book of which she co-authors, ‘Getting Well: Mind, Body and Spirit’ will be released in March, 2013. Her website:

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My God Dog