Mourning the Cute Shoes

By on April 9, 2011

By Merrilee Stavem –

It’s that feeling you get when you walk through the shoe department of a very nice store.  I am NOT talking about those stores you find in the outlet mall.  I am talking about the stores you walk into and smell leather…yummy, yummy leather.  You want to gaze at the shoes, touch them, feel the soles and embrace the whole experience.  You just know if those heels were on your feet you could and would achieve your greatest moments in life so far.  Sometimes shoes have a way of letting you know they belong on your feet.  And then there is a small voice reminding you of the REAL world.

I live in a small mountain town where it snows in the winter; and the winters can be long.  A town where the shoe of choice is likely to have rubber soles with treads to navigate the changing weather.  So wearing the “cute shoes” seems a bit overkill.   It’s not as if I am living in a fanciful world, I just happen to love shoes.

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I have been wearing cute shoes for many years now.  I love finding remarkable, fun heels that make me skip along through my day…and then one day my reality changed.  I was forced out of the world of cuteness into the world of practical, comfortable, good for my feet shoes.  Oh how I miss the sleek look of a gorgeous heel at the end of my dress slacks or the perfect peep toe pumps with a skirt.  In my quest for the cutest comfort shoe I managed to find one that passes, sort of.  Well not in Clinton and Stacy’s world of “What not to Wear”.  However, my arches are singing even though my brain is telling my feet you look clunky.  I am in a constant state of mourning for my cute heels.

One day shortly after my purchase of the ‘good for my arches’ shoes, I put on what I thought was a cute ensemble of straight skirt, tights and “the shoes”.  A comment from my teenage daughter (my constant source of fashion advice) was casually mentioned.  “Well you look a little Anne Hathaway-ish from ‘The Devil Wears Prada”.  You know, in the beginning of the movie.”  Thank you for that visual now etched forever into my brain.  Just so you know I am not completely void of some substance here, I am aware there are much larger issues in this world to worry about.  My dilemma is most definitely vanity based.  I’d have to be pretty shallow to be so consumed with such a shoe issue…RIGHT???

Merrilee excels in “Arm Chair Psychology” for women living in today’s complicated and sometimes crazy world.  With wit, humor and edge she puts a realistic spin on families, workplace and relationships.  Merrilee has the ability to give “comic relief” when telling her stories and life experiences.  She often says “If I can’t laugh about this I most definitely will cry.”  Delivery of her honest and heartfelt stories is dotted with grace and encouragement. Email her at: [email protected]

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Mourning the Cute Shoes