Is Your Memory Normal Or Should You See Your Doctor?

By on December 11, 2012

Two Canadian organizations are about to change the way people around the globe take action when they become concerned about their memories. And you have the opportunity to help create this next breakthrough in brain health.

Cogniciti is a young company formed to bring brain health solutions to the world. But not just any solutions. Only those powered by the world’s leading healthcare centers. Centers like Baycrest, one of Cogniciti’s founders and ranked number one in the world for the study, assessment and treatment of memory and aging. Working together, Cogniciti and Baycrest are close to completing an online Brain Health Assessment that every adult can take from the privacy of their home. A clinically validated assessment that answers the question “Is my memory normal or should I see my doctor?” They would like your help to complete their research this winter, and assuming all goes to plan, bring the online Brain Health Assessment to millions of people around the world in late spring 2013.

The Need

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Baycrest doctors and scientists tell us that a natural part of aging is that our memories become less acute. Most of us know this from experience; when we hit mid-life we have to work a little harder to remember names, dates, and where we left our keys. What’s important is determining when simple forgetfulness becomes something more serious. This is tough because the early symptoms of memory loss due to normal aging, anxiety, depression, and Alzheimer’s are pretty similar. And so people delay getting help, often for years.

The Breakthrough

We’ve all grown up with a home thermometer to take our temperature when we feel ill. If our temperature is too high we call our family doctor to get a proper diagnosis and treatment if necessary. However, there has not been a simple home-based tool to help us get a read on our brain health so we know when to relax and when we should get help. For millions of adults with memory worries of their own and for millions more who are concerned about helping a loved one who has started to experience memory loss, the online Brain Health Assessment will change this by allowing people to take a simple test to determine if they should see their doctor.

How You Can Help

Cogniciti needs some additional funding and volunteer help to complete its research and product development work. Assistance you can provide from the comfort of your home. They’ve set up a website with all the details. And have made it really easy to lend a hand. 

For more information on how you can help visit:

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Is Your Memory Normal Or Should You See Your Doctor?