Making Life Easier as You Get Older

By on November 7, 2019
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When you reach the half-century mark, it feels like an achievement. Whatever your health is at the time that you become a woman over 50, at least you’re still present, vital and ready for what’s to come. These days, it’s not even “50 is the new forty” because women in their 70s are claiming that phrase! Nevertheless, it’s helpful to realize what limitations you may have picked up along the way and to seek ways to make life easier as you get older and discover perhaps that certain aspects of life are not as simple as they once were. 

Let’s get started. 

Exercise, Mobility/Flexibility and Weight Control


When it comes to mobility and fitness, it’s important to exercise as you age. In this section, we’re breaking it into three sections for different types of people. Pick the section that best matches your personal circumstances:


The human body effectively seizes up if you don’t use it often enough. By this, we mean that when you don’t go walking very often, then even getting up from the armchair takes considerably more effort. The joints begin to ache, and the muscles can be painful just from basic use because they’re not being utilized enough.

You might not realize it, but your muscles will naturally break down in your 40s and onwards. This means they become smaller, less strong, or unable to withstand what’s required of them as the years’ tack on. By being intentionally mobile and staying flexible, it’s possible to slow this process by at least making the best use of what you do have. This applies equally to women as it does to men.

There’s a solid body of evidence that some form of strength training in seniors is worth doing. It reverses the muscle loss, can improve sleep patterns, manage glucose levels in the body, and cut down on troublesome medical symptoms for certain diseases including osteoarthritis too. Consider doing something in this area too.

Getting Extra Mobility

Getting extra mobility is best achieved either through a regular exercise program/classes at a gym or by intentional movement in an unstructured way. 

For instance, choosing to take the stairs rather than the elevator to give your knees and legs a bit of a workout is a proactive decision that most other people avoid. Yet it will get the knee joints working properly and put your calf and other muscles through their paces too. Indeed, there are many everyday actions that when done can help maintain flexibility. 

Also, consider taking up yoga. Even for the most reluctant, learning and practicing yoga is beneficial to improve strength, balance, mobility, and flexibility through the many different yoga positions. It’s not necessary to spend money on Yoga DVDs and books either; there’s plenty of free YouTube channels to watch demonstrations and mimic the movements at home.

Weight Control

If you’re overweight or obese, it’s likely making it harder to get around. Also, your joints are taking the strain and might be giving you pain because of it. That situation is only likely to worsen as the years add on. 

We’d suggest tackling this in three ways:

  1. Make a decision to act to resolve your weight issues once and for all.
  2. Change your diet to gradually reduce any excess or high calorific choices (don’t deprive yourself, just cut back).
  3. Plan to exercise 30 minutes a day or do more if you already exercise to some degree. Increase time and intensity as you feel capable of it (cut back if you feel overly tired).

Work to gradually reduce the calorie intake from food and drinks (non-alcoholic and alcoholic) while increasing your activity levels to naturally burn more calories each day. Your metabolic rate will likely go up from these actions and within a few weeks, you should see some extra weight begin to shift. 

Healthy Weight Management

Once you are down to a healthier weight again, reduce the exercise but do not stop unless you have an injury or you’re sick. This avoids the metabolic rate dropping through the floor and not burning enough calories to maintain a lower weight forever.

Prepare an Energy Plan for the Future

The use of energy is a hot topic

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for households currently. Energy is often going up in price and it’s a significant percentage of the budget for many people. When thinking about the future and retirement, we should want to reduce costs and plan accordingly. The same goes for energy usage. Here are some suggestions about how to modify how energy is being used and possible changes to make:

Reduce Energy Usage Intentionally

While getting the best prices on your utilities is a sure-fit way to reduce their drain on your pocketbook, that’s not the only approach to try.

We’d suggest looking for ways to cut your energy use, such as:

  • Powering down computers, tablets, microwave ovens, dishwashers, and other devices when not in use
  • Switch on a power-saving mode for PCs
  • Turning off lights in unoccupied rooms (unless for security against home intrusion)
  • Using only eco bulbs

Switch to Solar Power for Cost Efficiency & Greater Predictability

It’ll be more difficult to solve problems and get around when you’re older. Therefore, avoiding problems and not having to deal with them is best. To this end, making the switch to solar power sets you up for lower-cost energy when money may be harder to come by and jobs less reliable for you. 

With a good solar panel installation, your personal solar panels will deliver the energy that your household needs. Then a power cut won’t likely affect you because the battery packs will store enough power to keep your lights on and appliances all working too. Use a reliable solar company for the installation like Semper Solaris because you want it done right. They’re founded by veterans, so they won’t let you down. 

Get Your Finances Organized

Keeping a job or finding a replacement position gets harder as you age. Companies know that you have less energy and worry if you can meet your work responsibilities. It’s frustrating but it’s also a reality that job security isn’t as good as you age.

We’d suggest it’s sensible to get your financial house in order as soon as possible. It’s never too late to make improvements. Don’t lose hope if things seem grim. As long as you have some income, then there’s the opportunity to manage your spending and perhaps set aside money for future needs too.

If you’re dealing with debts, then focus on the smallest debt first, not the one with the highest interest rate. This is because it allows you to get some forward momentum and a positive boost from paying off something small. The feeling of getting somewhere financially will push you to pay off the next debt sooner too. And sure enough, they’ll all be gone. 

As someone over 50, there are different challenges that you’ll face compared to a Millennial. That’s true, but you don’t have to let that stop you. People are living to a ripe old age nowadays. Plan your long, healthy life and put in the effort to ensure you enjoy every bit of it. Life will happen, either way, so you might as well be properly prepared to live your best life.


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Making Life Easier as You Get Older