How To Assist & Live With A Partner Who’s Had A Debilitating Injury

By on October 15, 2019

Marriage is all about working together as a partnership towards the joint goal of a secure and happy future together. But what if one of you suffers a debilitating injury or illness that leaves the burden all on the other one? You are going to have to make some big adjustments, both practically, financially and emotionally as everyone thinks they can get through anything, but if you are not prepared to plan for these challenges then it can break even the best of couples. But people do prosper when caring for others, just look at the example of Rosalynn Carter.

Make Changes To The Home

Firstly you’ll need to consider any changes to your home. If you are wheelchair-bound then you would need to consider ramps to and from your doors and if you are in a two-story house are you going to be able to use the upstairs, and if not, would moving to a bungalow make more sense? You may need to install extra handles in the bathrooms and even consider such features as a walk-in bath and shower.

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Be A Comforting Ear

One thing to be sure of is that it’s unlikely that you will be able to fully appreciate what your partner is going through, so it’s important to listen and be a comforting ear rather than always telling them what you think you should do.

Look At Your Finances

This is bound to be the one that makes life tough, you are going to have all these life adjustments, some very expensive, and possibly a reduction in income if your partner can’t work anymore. So it’s important to draw up a budget and see what can be cut and what is essential? You may even look at where you can save on any debt, by restructuring or even just be aware of any recent changes, such as the recent student debt elimination.

Leisure & Sport Activities

You may have been a couple that enjoyed an active lifestyle that involved getting out and going places, doing things and visiting places. But this doesn’t need to end necessarily, rather it just requires a little bit more planning, venues may need to take an advance booking to be able to accommodate disabled spectators and the same can be said for rail and air travel. Playing sport is still possible as there are activities such as wheelchair basketball or tennis etc. it may just be that you have to take the opportunity to enjoy finding out about new pursuits and meet new people

Car Alterations

Finally, it may be necessary to alter your vehicle, which could be in several different ways, such as a ramp for a wheelchair, now all cars aren’t large enough for this so you may need to upgrade. Also, it’s not a given that driving needs to end for the partner with the condition, there are a lot of ways of modifying a vehicle to be driven by a driver who can’t use their legs, for example.


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How To Assist & Live With A Partner Who’s Had A Debilitating Injury