Makeup Tips and Tricks that Turn Back Time

By on August 16, 2015
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There was once a time when women took steps each night to prolong and extend their youthful looks – sleeping in rollers and hair nets, slathering on the right night cream and using masks to nourish and hydrate the skin. Perhaps that’s why in the 50’s so many married couples slept in separate beds.

Although this nightly ritual was worth the time, effort and dedication, decades later our anti-aging rituals and solutions are more effective and often much simpler.

Today there is an increasingly stronger focus on youth and vitality by women of all ages. Even with the significant breakthroughs in anti-aging solutions, however, as we age our lips still become thinner, wrinkles still start to accumulate and cheekbones become less defined.

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What most women fail to realize is that it’s not just about the products. By using the right beauty brushes and tools, you can perfect your makeup application and truly make a difference in maintaining a youthful look. Start with a focus on the four main areas of your face.

  1. Skin – As you age, your skin becomes uneven and discolored, but the key to a flawless face is an even skin tone. This can be achieved by using products such as foundations, concealers or primers. With a complexion brush, you can help brighten the skin and soften its texture, giving the skin a healthy glow. When using this type of brush, simply press the product into the skin. By using emollient-based products with color and protection, you’ll attain coverage that is natural yet impactful. Be careful not to slather the product on as that will lead to streaking and missed placement.
  2. Eyes – Eyes should appear to be bright and open, and there are several different steps to achieve this look. First, use a concealer brush and add concealer both above and below the brow, creating a lifting effect. Then add a little bit of color to your brows to give dimension. Next, you want to add concealer under the eyes, giving it time to set before blending it in. Pair all of this with matte shadows on your eyelids to hide darkening and in the corner of the eyes to create illumination.
  3. Cheeks – You can help create the illusion of youthful, lifted cheekbones through contouring. Contour brushes are designed with curves that work with the natural shape of the face, adding depth and dimension. To start, add a foundation that’s a shade or two darker than your skin tone under your cheekbone. Then, highlight the areas you would like to accentuate with a lighter shade. Finish it o by pressing a crème blush under the bone to create fullness and simulate a natural glow.
  4. Lips– As lips thin and fade, it is important to define the lip line and pump up the volume. With a rosy colored lip liner, trace over your natural lip line and fill in the rest of your lips. This causes them to look plumper, but the subtle color of rose maintains the youthful look. Finish it by adding a neutral lip balm on top for added shine and power.

All in all, no anti-aging regimen should replace sound sleep, a good diet and plenty of water. Yet for all the women out there juggling busy lifestyles, these little tips can definitely do their part in making up the difference.

Anisa Telwar Kaicker is the president and founder of Anisa International, a global leader in the design and creation of unique beauty tools and solutions for clients including Sephora, Estée Lauder, Smashbox and more. From its design studio in New York City and office in Atlanta, the company operates its manufacturing plant in Tianjin, China; and sales offices across the U.S., United Kingdom and China.


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Makeup Tips and Tricks that Turn Back Time