Make Your Home More Inviting & Relaxing With These Tips

By on March 23, 2016

Home is a woman’s sanctuary. It’s where we raised our kids, launched our first at-home business and perfected our first Thanksgiving turkey. It’s a respite where we can be ourselves, relax and rejuvenate.

But when your surroundings are out of sorts, you can, in turn, feel out of sorts.

If your surroundings are feeling a little less than peaceful these days, we have some simple tips that can help you create an inviting, relaxing home environment.

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Decorate strategically

Nothing makes a space lively and inviting like the pop of color and aroma of fresh flowers. Why not put fresh flowers in various rooms of your home for soothing effects, both visually and aromatically?

When considering paint colors for your home, avoid harsh, bright shades; opt for tranquil blues and greens or neutrals like beige and cream for a feeling of peace and calm. Robust shades can induce energy — the opposite of relaxation. RedBeacon features a guide on the psychology of room colors.

Further, keep windows clear and free from obstructions, allowing for natural light to flood your home. This is a great way to lift your spirits regardless of the season.


Apply the Art of Feng Shui

Feng shui is a 3,000-year-old art originating in China. Its purpose is to “balance the energies” of any given space, purportedly resulting in good health and fortune. The tips are sound pieces of advice regardless of your personal belief system. To get the good energy flowing, apply some quick feng shui to your home:

  • First, if your front door squeaks, fit it right away. Since the front door is typically the entry and exit point of your home, the “crying” sound can affect mood and well-being
  • Next, incorporate lots of live plants in your home — there are so many benefits to doing so
  • And last, tidy up! There really is an art to cleaning up, and by removing clutter from your home, you gain a sense of freedom. Clutter is not only an eyesore, but it can also actually take an emotional toll. By keeping unused items, clothes and that don’t fit properly and unfinished projects around your home, you are perpetuating various emotional triggers like lack, shame, and even heartbreak.

Invest in quality

Finally, if you are able, it is always wise to invest in high-quality things, especially when it comes to big-ticket items like appliances.

Many times, we take our appliances for granted. But there’s nothing more relaxing than the peace of mind of knowing things that are used every single day — like the stove, refrigerator or washing machine — are working properly. So do your due diligence when shopping around and remember that you typically get what you pay for.

However, for an added layer of reassurance, you can invest in a home warranty that covers you if an appliance or home system should break down. Warranties are different from homeowners insurance — they offer protection when your appliance needs repairing or replacing due to everyday wear and tear, rather than due to something catastrophic. This means you avoid costly out-of-pocket expenses when something just goes wrong. It doesn’t get more reassuring than that.

Sheryl Coonan is a fashion, beauty, pop culture and lifestyle writer and news reporter out of metro Detroit.

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Make Your Home More Inviting & Relaxing With These Tips